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Sunday, June 1, 2008

SATC & Eclipse Special Edition & MTV MOVIE AWARDS

OME! On Friday night I went with a group of wonderful ladies to see Sex and the City the movie. I had so much fun with the group. They were hilarious - poor waiter at Santa Fe - he never knew what hit him til he hit Darlene's knee... lol anyway. The evening was full of laughter, stories, and definitely craziness. Marcus went gambling with the boys since I was out with the girls. He had a good time - broke even - no big winnings :(
Saturday came bright and early. He got home around 9 a.m. & we headed into town to pick up my new copy of the Eclipse Special Edition featuring chapter 1 of Breaking Dawn. Yes my sister called me at 8 a.m to see if I already had the book "no Nina, they don't open til 9:30a.m." i laughed into the phone. She was driving to Virginia with the kids & I promised to read it to her once I had it. After picking up the book, grabbing some groceries, and swapping some items at Academy I was back at the house - 3 hours later. Nina had called and left me an aggrivated message I laughed outloud when she answered the phone with " it's about dang time!!" then she proceeded to tell her kids " no one talk to me until I say you can - okay Courtney - now read." I was tickled pink in that I had made her wait a bit - she was surprised that I had made myself wait too. So began to read I did. WHEW! Um, Can August 2nd come faster?????? It was great so many wonderful things are going on in chapter 1 & though I am nervous for how the saga will end, I am more excited for the possibilities. The cover is awesome too.

Sunday night the MTV Movie Awards promised a clip from the movie. A full clip - yes they delivered. I personally LOVED IT!! Cam Gigandet is the ultimate James. We also were treated with a quick & awkward interview with Kristen & Rob. Um why do people continue to bug them about off-screen romance? Geez come on people. Ask about the MOVIE!! lol. Anyway, my weekend was TWILIGHT terrific in every way. Of course I put up pics - see below from the whole weekend & the Twilight link for the clip is on the side panel with the date of June 1.
I hope you all had a great one!

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