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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Summer Begins - Concerts - Halfway to Hazard, Jason Aldean & Tim McGraw

Well Summer is definitely here. Our concert going has begun!! We saw Halfway to Hazard, Jason Aldean & Tim McGraw @the Verizon Ampitheater in Pelham tonight.
I have to say Halfway to Hazard is a good little group. Lots of charm! Jason Aldean of course did not disappoint. I love his songs!!! He is such a cutie!!!The crowd was great! Lots of energy. Now when it got to Tim the crowd was insane!!! I have to say going into this concert I was more excited about Jason Aldean than Tim McGraw, but Tim puts on a great concert. He did all of his classic songs & intermixed some that are not even out yet. He has one called Southern Voice & it is a great song about those things & people who are the makeup of our southern culture. He allowed two SMALL children (one was maybe 24 months & one was about 3) onto the stage from the front row during the concert. I mean ONTO the stage as in at one point the fiddle player let the child play at the mic & it was adorable!!! We of course had a good time. Since we bought the VIP Summer Package they fed us before hand & let us wander around. It was cool. Now we will know what to do for the next 5 concerts in the series. Well, I am beyond tired but I wanted to post the photos & such before I forgot! Enjoy! REMEMBER TO PAUSE MY MUSIC PLAYER AT THE BOTTOM OF MY BLOG BEFORE HITTING PLAY ON THE VIDEO BELOW! :)

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