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Saturday, April 3, 2010

You think your cat likes to interrupt your Writing? Meet Peanut Butter Barr...

Yep... all these blogs show their cats crawling over their computers and you rarely see the canine corruption that occurs.

Well lately I have been plastered to my laptop. Revisions, revisions, new projects in the works, regular blogging, email... you know, the usual suspects (awesome movie by the way, great story telling).

Peanut Butter Barr is our shih-tzu and by far the most adorable dog ever. (we aren't biased - we are just right) He happens to be a mama's boy. This means that wherever I am, he is. No matter how much Marcus tries to coax him away he still saunters over to me. Now on Saturdays I try to spend family time with him and Marcus. I still write but more when they are napping, early morning or late late evening.

Today has been a big computer day and Peanut had enough around 7 p.m. He kept crawling into my lap and trying to sit on the keyboard. So finally I told Marcus to just put a movie in and I would take a break. I told the dog that fine, he won for a little while. Funny thing is he wanted to be sure I kept my word. So I sat the computer on the ottoman and this is what he did:

I guess he wanted to be sure that I was going to watch the movie. How cute is that? (oh & forgive his messy hair, I plan to trim him tomorrow...)


  1. SO adorable!!

    If my puppy tried to sit on my laptop.... he'd break it lmao

  2. My in-laws have a cat that will push the computer out of my lap if I'm not careful. All in the name of a head-rub! :-)

    He's a cutie!

  3. Oh, that is SO cute! I love the name, btw. I miss having a pet!

  4. OMG! How cute is that? He's adorable.

  5. I'm one of those cat people you referred to, and my baby (Chloe) has such a way of walking across the keyboard too quickly for me to stop her that I thank God for the "Control Z" function.

  6. Gorgeous :) That is one of the cutest dogs I've ever seen!

  7. He's adorable!

    I'm here from my friend Tara's blog. I'm gonna stick around, K?

    My writing partner is my bichon, she cuddles up to my laptop, because the laptop puts off a lot of heat.

    Happy Easter!

  8. Awww little Peanut just wants some lovin' momma! I love how he made sure to have more of your undivided attention!

  9. Thank you all! He is my cutie pie!

    Tori - you must have a big puppy! ;o)

    Summer - Peanut does that too or will lay on the keys when the computer is in my lap.

    Rebecca - thanks he is so darn cute it is hard to get angry with him!

    Tahereh - yes, too cute sometimes!

    Talli - thank you so much! He goes by Nutter, Nutter Butter, Peanut or when he is in real trouble his whole name. It fits him well and the double play on our last name was too hard to resist. ;o)

    sarahjayne - yes, he's adorable, and spoiled rotten!

    Wendy - I LOVE that you mentioned control Z! yes, yes it is the one thing Bill Gates gets right on all versions of his software - if they ever REALLY change Word then all us pet owners are in REAL TROUBLE! lol

    Jemi - thank you thank you - we think he is just the best!

    Betty - thank you - he always makes me smile!

    Lola - WELCOME TO THE KINGDOM!!! So glad to have you visit, stop by any time. Oh Bichons are adorable too! So cute, so smart. Our Peanut is extremely smart. Hence how he knows to sit on the computer. I mean really... ;o)

    tracyp - you know this dog! I mean is it possible to ignore his love! When he is determined he succeeds!(course we are pushovers for the floppy little cutie!)

    JuJu - thank you! The person we got him from as a tiny puppy had a 4 yr. old who called him NUDDY. Well, he had not completely learned that name yet so it was easy to convert him to Peanut. He looked like one too, believe it or not he was solid chocolate with only a tuft of white as a puppy...yeah not anymore... ;o)

  10. OH, Peanut is so cute. I have 3 cats but before I got old and retired I did want a small dog. Now I am glad I don't as the energy to keep up with a puppy would wipe me out. Because of health problems I am unable to walk very far so could not walk my dog and this would not be fair to her.

  11. What a little darling! Peanut, that is :)

    I have 3 Shih Tzu's. Yes, 3! They are simply the most delicious little dogs in the entire world.

    Give Peanut a snuggle from me :)

  12. misskallie - he is a handful, but he is also one of the most loving dogs ever! Glad to hear you have the cats - pets are wonderful!

    Achinghope - thanks! We think he is just the best, of course we spoil him rotten, but he does give the best puppy "hugs"!

    Wendy (Quillfeather) - I will! and 3???Oh my you have your hands full! They are such wonderful dogs, aren't they? We have been so blessed.

  13. AWWW!! I think I might just love Peanut Butter Barr lol. What a cutie!!!

  14. StephtheBookworm - aww! Thanks ;o) he has been good today. I got my goal done so I can't ask for more than that.

  15. Haha, what a sweetheart! I love his name too!

  16. I'm not even a dog person but that little creature is adorable enough to make me reconsider.

  17. SO CUTE! OMG. And the name Peanut Butter? Are you kidding me? CUTEST NAME EVER.

  18. Tracy - thanks - he is definitely a sweetheart!

    India - I have had at least 3 guests who are not dog people but love this little guy. He is such a people friendly dog in all the best ways!

    Sara - thanks! The name fits him perfectly! ;o)

  19. OOOH! I want a Shih Tzu so bad!
    We're full up on dogs right now but i firmly plan on getting one some day. It may be my next dog.
    SO CUTE!

  20. Falen - thanks! He is wonderful! they are great, loving dogs. VERY loyal to family. Our little guy is quite the social butterfly (my mother has one that loves family but other dogs and kids she has to warm up to)Peanut happens to LOVE every child he sees, no joke. No matter where we are if you are a kid he will find you! lol


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