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Thursday, April 15, 2010


To dance is to be out of yourself. Larger, more beautiful, more powerful. This is power, it is glory on earth and it is yours for the taking!
-Agnes De Mille

Writing is like dancing.

We feel the story, the power in the words along the page. They move to a rhythm unique to the plot and even when the music changes tone we continue to dance.

Characters grow as they find their footing and move with confidence. Their tales no longer lost amongst the myriad of terms and punctuation - they live.

Writers are their instruments and with their music the story finds its place in the world. Dancing can be slow, languid movements that evoke emotions deep within the heart or quick, lightning steps that spin the mind into a vortex of dark design.

The power within a writer has the ability to change the perspective, to alter the notes and to bring a response that is unlike any feeling the body has experienced. Let your fingers dance across the keys, let your words come alive upon the page and embrace the power that a good story can bring.

Our characters must dance every time we turn the page.

Some Thursday reminders...

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I was inspired by power last night. I was blessed to spend the evening with my mother seeing
Celtic Woman perform their beautiful songs & dance. They are honest in their song selection and moving by their emotions. It was a beautiful night that I am so blessed to have shared with a woman who's strength and power of life inspires me every single day. Thanks, mom.

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Have a Terrific Thursday!


  1. I loved this! So beautifully written. And thanks for the links. :D

  2. I love your thoughts on power and dancing and writing and how they all intertwine.

    And thanks for the linkage!

  3. Our characters must dance every time we turn the page - well said, Princess! :-)

    Thanks for the links.

  4. I've never thought of it as dancing, but the idea of 'our characters must dance every time we turn the page' is actually a pretty good way of remembering to keep pace :)

  5. I love this. I'm a dancer too, so it's really applicable.

  6. Great metaphor! I think that like dancing, you have to let go of fear to write as well.

    Thanks for the link Courtney, it should be another great post!

  7. I love this! Lyrical and full of imagery.

    Happy Thursday!

  8. Love this, Courtney! 'Our characters must dance every time we turn the page.' Something I need to remember!

  9. I'm glad you found my site!! My youngest daughter, who is a childlike forty-one years old, loves Disney too, although she didn't get married there. She got married in Kauai, one of her favorite places. I love your site. I'm signing up as a follower!!

  10. You didn't find my site. My mistake. But I found you through Coming Down the Mountain. In any case, I'm glad I found you, and hope you'll find me too.

  11. Oh my gosh, I so love dancing. I'm not sure which brings out my endorphins more...dancing to a song I love or writing a beautiful passage. It's probably a tie.

  12. Stina - thanks so much & you are very welcome!

    Elana - you are welcome - I loved your blogging series!

    Shannon O - thanks & you are welcome...I really feel that way about the they move is...unique every time.

    M.R.J. - Thanks! Glad to see you here today!

    Kayeleen - did not know you were a dancer! I have such respect for all forms of dancing ;o)

    Matthew - Thanks! Yes there is something that sometimes keeps us from stepping on the floor or putting words to page - it is a battle we must win because without dancing life would be so boring and without books where on earth would all of us be?

    Lola - so good to see you! Thanks - glad you enjoyed.

    Talli - Thanks - don't forget it ;o)

    Ann - WELCOME TO THE KINGDOM!! No worries, I have found you now and I love your site. ;o) oooh Kauai? nice! Yes Disney fanatic over here - I even worked there for a time and still love it :o)

    Wendy - so good to see you here today ;o) Yes I am with you - there is no way to say which activity wins out & that is okay with me ;o)

  13. I love this! I'm a dancer and a writer, so I totally relate. Awesome analogy!

  14. You know I never thought of characters dancing before but you are so right! It is like a beautifully choreographed dance when it's done right!

  15. KM - thanks! Glad to see you stop by today.

    sarahjayne - a pleasure to see you visiting today! I am happy you enjoyed it.

    KarenG - Thank you!

  16. Loved the comparison of writing and dancing. Great post!

  17. Wonderful comparison! I had never thought of it that way!

  18. I love the dancing analogy - both are so freeing :)

  19. Kathi - thanks! Glad you enjoyed it ;o)

    Betty - good to see you!

    Jemi - yes, that is how I feel when I do both - no matter how crazy I may look spinning around it feels wonderful & no matter how different my book is I love it! ;o)

  20. What a great analogy, and you write beautifully.

  21. What an interesting idea. I really like it.

  22. Finally made it over to your blog! I'm kidless tonight so I have time. Love all your prose and the new look!

  23. What a beautiful post...can't wait to read your manuscript!

  24. The best dancing looks effortless -- and so is it with the best writing. Thanks for the links. Don't be a stranger to my neighborhood. Have a healing weekend. Not too much dancing, hear? Roland

  25. I really like the analogy between dancing and writing. It inspires me to do better. Thanks for your involvement in my contest. I have a small gift for you. Could I get your address so I could send it to you? Thanks, Courtney.

  26. Great post and it is so true. Thanks for the links.
    Have a great weekend!

  27. You have nice blog, I love all your prose and the way you write :)

    Warmly marinela x x

    Short Poems

  28. Natalie - thank you so much! Glad to see you stop by the Kingdom!

    F - as always a pleasure to see you here ;o)

    Chey - Yay! What on earth will you do with no kids?? Thanks for stopping by ;o)

    LiLa - THanks....*amsonervous* ;o)

    Roland - it is always a great thing to see you stop by here!

    Roxy - so glad to see you & thank you for the wonderful contest!!

    Christine - you are so very welcome! Thanks for visiting & have a great weekend yourself! ;o)

    Marinela - WELCOME TO THE KINGDOM! A pleasure to have you - thank you so much for the kind words ;o)


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