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Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Gnick and I were grinning at everyone's comments yesterday. We told y'all day one was the hardest clues! We believe everyone now knows what city we are in (but I won't spoil it for those who have yet to figure it out) and we are excited to see who posts the correct answers on Thursday's post.

REMEMBER you have to not only know the city but be able to name each numbered landmark where Gnick's picture was taken.

We did decide that if only ONE person gets ALL the right answers then that person wins the big prize pack and everyone else gets entered to win a $15.00 giftcard to ANY online store.
Yep ANY store!!!! No matter what there will be two winners on Friday... ;o)

So prize pack for ALL CORRECT ANSWERS:
*surprise*Goodie bag from the city I am in
$10.00 Book from the Book Depository
Copy of the book I am giving away on May 3rd
(yes, yes, I know you don't know which book that is yet, but trust me it is AWESOMESAUCE from cover to cover!!!)
$15.00 Giftcard to ANY Store
(online that participates in giftcards)

So what are todays clues....Well we had the dayjob cutting into our touring but we managed to get a few this afternoon:
#8 Gnick took this one - he did good!!! Name the building...
#9 Wow...these replicas represent the EARLY days in this country...They sit in front of a building dedicated to the story of these native the building...

Good Luck! Only one more day of Clues! Come back on Thursday to list your answers and I will announce the winner Friday morning!!!


  1. i don't travel, so unless you take a picture of my house (and even then) i'll be of no use.
    BUT, i'm totes excited about this contest becuase i want to see if anyone guesses right!

  2. Safe travels, rolling with your gnomie.

    (I know, you'll be singing all day today ;)

  3. Now I have no idea where you are ... but this is still fun!

    Thanks Courtney.

  4. Vanderbilt Estate?

    I am now going to travel with a gnome in my purse.

  5. #8 was a no-brainer, but I'm not 100% sure about #9. (I kind of have an advantage b/c I had family in this city until about 3 years ago. I used to visit almost every year.)

  6. I'm clueless, but I love the gnome picture. :D

  7. I'm clueless too, but I'm loving your photos. Hope your'e having fun!

  8. We took our kids to the most amazing marionette show at #8 last summer! :-)

  9. Okay, I'm so far out of the loop, but I have to say what a great contest this is! :)

  10. Such cool pictures and I love this contest concept. Thanks so much for sharing! :D

  11. I love this contest and even though I have no idea about anything I really love the pictures. :)

  12. Gnick's having such a good time by the looks of things :)

  13. He is out of control guys!!! He is dragging me around...I am so tired. I work all day at the dayjob conference then...well you guys can see! Sheesh! It will be good to be back home and slow down a bit ;o)

    Thank you all for playing along - only one day of clues left...

  14. Do have to say that I have an advantage.... Lived there or 7 miles out for 12 years!! I cant wait!! This has brought back lots of memories! Thanks Love you.... Safe travels!


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