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Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday Memos!

-Therese of Lisieux

How often do you go into a bookstore and see the big round table right past the doors full of the newest releases? All the time, right? Well the above quote is one that I feel not only can be applied to our various flower gardens but also to writers/authors. That first table is just a taste of what the store holds, it might stand out right by the door but that is not where the fun ends!

We all want to be the rose, the NYT best selling - most successful author. Trust me, I dream big, yet there is a larger part of me that just wants to be a bright flower in the garden; a book on the table or on the shelf. I want to add a punch of color, maybe trail along the stone borders or climb up the trellis. I know that I may not be the first flower that everyone flocks too but I am someone's favorite. The rose is something great to strive for, I think it best to first work to just be planted and then after some hard work, rain, sunshine and, most important, love, maybe just maybe what sprouts is something that returns year after year adding its unique color and design to the best spring bouquet.
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Shannon Messenger still has her Agent Signing contest going on until 4-10-10 (oh & she VLOGGED today ;o) )

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Have a Marvelous Monday!


  1. Just being on the table would be thrill enough!

    Thanks for the links :)

  2. These are great links, Princess! And oh, how I want that rose!! :-)

  3. Dreaming big is important. If you don't know what you are reaching for, how will you ever know if you get there?

    And thanks for the rundown. That's a great list of links.

  4. Thank you so much for the shout-out! You're brilliant. Happy Monday!

  5. I love your flower garden metaphor. I'd like to be the baby's breath that is ever-present and thorn-free.

  6. I love that analogy, really perfect for the spring time.

  7. I know that table. I want to be on that table. And the NYT list... One day, my friend, one day we will both be there.

    Great links -- aren't you so sweet for linking to me!? Thanks!

  8. Great analogy with the flowers. I know what you mean - I'd love to be a rose, but I'd take a little violet in the corner, too. :)

  9. The quote at the beginning of the post is just lovely.

    Think I'm going to print it out.

    Well done!


  10. Awesome metaphor! And what a perfect quote to start us off.

    I'll be the little Johnny Jump Up viola! The little viola that could.

    Wait a second, could it be? And now I know for sure...
    I love having you in my wolfpack, running around the blogosphere together...

    Happy Tuesday!

  11. Thanks for the link, good lady. You're a doll! (I meant that figuratively... I don't really think you're made of plastic.)

    And yes, while the front of the store display would be nice, I think I'll be happy just to see my name in the Literature section next to Stieg Larssen's books. Yup.

  12. Really good quote and analogy - I needed that today. I want so much to be the rose, but maybe I settle for something else equally pretty. Thank you for the links.

  13. Courtney,
    I love this garden metaphor so much that I've posted it in my sidebar and given you full credit, including a link to your blog. Are you okay with that? If not, I'll remove it immediately. Thanks.

  14. Thank you all so much! I hope you all visited the sites and I hope that each of us gets to the big table and the shelves and the walls...that we just cover the bookstore and the outside walls.... ;o)


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