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Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday Memos...

Ahhh... Progress.

Its like dancing to a song you don't know, your body isn't sure where the next tone is coming from so it just moves in a general direction. You can spaz out and do the sprinkler or just stand in one spot and try to figure out how those dancers get one buttcheek going in one direction and the other cheek in the opposite. What you do during the song is your own personal progress and most of us want to be able to at least find a little rhythm...

The desire to progress as a writer is strong. Once you have placed your idea on paper and realize that you not only believe in it but want to share it, you have progressed a bit further. Every site I visit that talks about becoming a better writer beats the same drum: WRITE. WRITE AGAIN & AGAIN & AGAIN - every day.

I find that they are right. Every time I sit down to work on my WIP I want it to be better than the day before. It isn't that I think the previous day's words lack in any way, it is merely that I want to make it even more engaging today. When revision time circles around, I want to see my mistakes, my trouble areas and discover how to make them better. Because there is a goal, there is a light that I want to see shining upon my face and there is a desire to see it welcomed by my peers.

Progress is measured not necessarily by a book deal or best seller, it can be in the simplest form. You may see it when you discover that your vocabulary has grown and descriptions become less of a distraction. It may be when you finally discover how to get the printer to quit screeching every time you put the paper in. Ah yes, it may be when you finish a chapter where your character's inner turmoil is found to be their greatest strength and you, the writer, were able to showcase the event in a way that made your reader truly believe in the story.

Progress has been something mankind has always sought, we see it in the iPad, we see it in the hybrid car, we see it in the non-stick skillet, in the SHAMWOW cloth (yeah don't tell me you haven't seen THAT infomercial), its in the clothing we wear and the movies we watch...It surrounds us in every other area. So why not put energy towards progress in our writing...

Focus on your passion and you will discover that the desire to progress is there bubbling quietly beneath the surface...That desire just might be what helps you type THE END while sipping your favorite drink getting ready for revisions and book two...
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P.S. On a side note I am still not completely satisfied with my new blog if you come back here later to discover something entirely different...don't say I did not warn you... ;o)


  1. Thanks for all the links, Princess! As for progress, it's slow and slug-like and far too independent a creature. :-)

  2. What a great post :) I always enjoy poking my nose in over here. Now off to check those links out!

  3. OK, while I was actually reading your Monday Memos - clicking on your links and then returning to your page - your template changed! And since you put it out there that you're still not thrilled with it, I'm offering my two cents: white on black is hard to read for many people (like me). I liked your original format better where the varying fonts and colors were the theme. (But don't worry: whatever template you pick, I'll always be a fan.)

  4. Thanks for the links and the great reminder that progress can be measured in many ways! :)

  5. Okay, thank you all so much for your comments - I hope everyone visited the links today! ;o)

  6. Thanks for taking away the black. This feels more "royal" anyway. Like the banner too.

  7. Oh Wendy - you are so welcome! lol I loved the sides with the black but just could not handle the center section...what a nightmare for around 3 hours today! I have a post about it for tomorrow - it did give me that.... ;o)

  8. Good post! And I think your blog design is cute. :)

  9. Thanks for the links and the inspiration!

  10. Great buncha links! Thanks for sharing!


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