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Monday, April 26, 2010

CLUES DAY TWO: Where in the World are Courtney & Gnick? & Monday Memos

Certainly, travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.
-Miriam Beard
Well Gnick and I are running ragged around this town!!! I think we may see everything there is to see....

Well, what do you know just when Gnick wants to rest someone won't share a comfy lap to nap in! Doesn't this particular historical figure know he has enough lap for 1000 gnomes much less one little gnome to rest?! How can anyone tell this face no?
#3 Name the landmark
That's okay, we decided to play around with the next landmark. Look at Gnick! Somehow the point on his hat has grown! (albeit crookedly...)

#4 Name the landmark behind Gnick!
Then we decided to sneak around, you know be all stealth.
#5 Can you name the landmark museum in the background? (the cream building)
After discovering how the word gadget transformed many historical events we decided to hit one more spot today...

OH MY! GNICK's face appears to have disappeared?
#6 Do you think we could find a copy or file with his photo in it at the building behind him?
#7 These last 3 pictures are all one clue. Each of the items below are housed in the same building...Gnick was moved by these the most. I glittery shoes? Well, its because these items represent for many of us thoughts of home. The bottom picture is an actual section of the preserved flag in the middle. Yes that is the real 39x42 foot flag that inspired what some would say is the most well known song in America.
(*BONUS ENTRY: Name the Song & Composer)Whew that was 5 more you know where I am?
*DON'T FORGET: You have to name the city AND each landmark that was pictured. For instance the first picture of the Fish Market is a clue to the historic landmark NEIGHBORHOOD you must enter. I will be sure to put on whether I am looking for the neighborhood, stature, or place on Thursday. Don't worry you have until midnight on Thursday to get your answers in. ;o)
Oh yeah, while Gnick & I are wandering the sites and working on the dayjob agenda check out today's hot blog posts:

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Have a Magical Monday!


  1. I hope you and Gnick are having DC!

    Have a great week, Courtney!

  2. Hehehe love these pics, you two are so cute!

  3. Fun pictures. I hope "that secret city" got better weather than we did this weekend (and continuing today). Rain and cold blah.

  4. Thanks for the linkage Courtney.

    My guess is that you're in Washington D.C. But I guess it could also be Boston.

  5. Okay... got it! I hope you are having a fabulous time! :-)

  6. How cute are you running around with a gnome and taking photos. Are people looking at you funny when you put down the gnome to snap a pic? Where do you keep Gnick while you're walking around?

    Have a fun rest of the week in... your undisclosed location, which happens to be only three hours from me and which I've visited myself on business many times... :)

  7. Argh, blogger ate my comment! Hope you're having a great time in DC! :)

  8. Oh! I love Washington DC! You are having way too much fun, I can tell!

  9. Looks like tons of fun!! Gnick is seeing lots of historic sites :)

  10. All in Washington DC...

    #3 - The Lincoln Memorial

    #4 - The Washington Monument

    #5 - international Spy Museum

    #6 - National Archives

    #7 - National Museum of American History

  11. Well, I'm late to the party and everyone has already guessed, but just wanted to say have fun in DC. I grew up in Baltimore, so I've walked those DC streets many times. :)

    Give Gnick a kiss for me. ;)


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