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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Wandering around on a nice afternoon....

Saturday afternoon was one of those great afternoons of fall. The weather was perfect, just enough chill in the air, but warm enough to not have to be bundled up. Marcus & I decided to go out for a nice drive around town. We stopped over at Midtown for Kirkland's grand opening, then wandered into Northport for some chocolate at our new Peterbrooke chocolatier. MMMMMMM it was so yummy! Then we hit a few furniture shops, Marcus wants a new bedside table for his birthday or Christmas. This is a decision we have to make together or at least I do get an opinion :). Furniture stores are so funny. The salespeople meet you at the door like they are waiting for a delivery then they follow you around as though any moment you might turned to them and say: "YES, sell me everything, we are rich, we have cash, & will buy it right now! This very instant!!!" I know they are merely working on commission & trying to make a living, but geez, furniture buying should not be something you rush through. With the cost of an ottoman being 799$ and a side table anywhere from 399$-899$, these are not spur of the moment spending choices; unless of course we could say the statement above. So answer my questions when I have them, let me show you the style I like, then direct me to a choice, and leave us by ourselves for a bit to hash out spending options!! Anyway, we did see a good many styles & designs for me to pick through to surprise Marcus (surprise in the sense he won't know exactly which one he is getting until the event, of course he would KNOW he is getting the side table:) ). After that we found ourselves at Sam's Club buying food for the upcoming weekend against LSU. It was nice, just wandering around town with not a large agenda just being able to relax. We know the holiday season is coming fast & town will be swamped over with people every Saturday so before all the rush, before all the bustle, make sure you get out & enjoy the changing weather; time flies by so quickly once Thanksgiving gets here...

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