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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Big Screen

Sunday was an amazing day; granted it was the day after a miserable loss to Florida State, we found a way to really brighten up the weekend.
Around 11:30 a.m. we headed up to Hoover. DSW was our first stop & I successfully found 3 pair of fall shoes (2 on clearance) that I just love! We then scooted across to our favorite guilty pleasure: World Market. We cannot go into that store without hitting the food aisles, home aisles, pet aisles... EVERY AISLE!!! :) I found these beautiful crystal & iron stars to hang in our bedroom window, a toy for Peanut, & then we hit the imported food aisle. Marcus loves the candy aisle. It is so much fun to see the candy bars made by Nestle or Hershey marketed for their European Customers. We tried an Aero bar (UK) it is a big Mint candy bar with these little bubble holes all the way through. Really good if you like mint & chocolate. Of course I hit the Italian sodas up :), then over to the cookies, baking, & pastas. I LOVE this store! After that we grabbed two cold pure cane sugar sodas for the ride and headed to downtown Birmingham.

We had purchased earlier in the week tickets to see Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix in IMAX at the McWane Science Center. Let me tell you, both of us have seen a few educational flicks on IMAX or done the 360 rides at Disney, but a true full length film on IMAX... WOW! It was so awesome. We saw the traditional version on opening night, so it was a bit easier to follow (plus we have of course read the books). The screen really made you feel like a fly on the wall, like you were right there in every scene, being spoken to or flying with, or discovering with. I have to say that I would love to see the whole series on IMAX. The room though, was FREEZING; thankfully I wore a cardigan.
After the movie we explored the McWane Center. If you have never done this, you should plan a trip as soon as possible. With or without kids :) We had a ball. The brain activity challenge was the funniest: you put a canvas headband with 3 small metal pieces on your forehead. Sit across from one another & in the middle of you both is a ball and two circular 'endzones' on each end of a space about 6" x 42" the object is to relax your brain enough to push the ball into the opposite endzone. The brain waves & electrodes move the ball. Marcus could not relax for the life of him at first, I could almost make the ball fly into his circle (obviously I have no problem just chilling out), after reading a tip that mathematical equations (simple ones) done in the mind can relaz you Marcus finally scored. We thought it a riot that he had to do math in his head to relax, boy are we different! :) There is so much to explore at that place, we even did not make it through the entire center! You should really check it out.

Beyond that I have had a terrible case of Laryngitis for the past 4 days. Mostly only speaking in whisper form :) Makes for interesting conversations, though I must say not talking has been great, just being able to listen or flake out when I need to without speaking is quite relaxing in itself :) Marcus just woke up yesterday with a terrible cold, so weird since it is only October & we have little sicknesses already, hopefully this will take the place of something later... maybe... we hope. :)

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  1. Not to kill your excitement...but man you two (especially you ) are ALWAYS sick...I think they make a pill for that!
    I love World Market also..For whatever reason we never go there but when I do I end up like you and Marcus..of course that could be the reason I never go there...We love you and miss you...start planning, we'll be down there the 15of of Nov!


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