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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Instant Replay...

If you weren't glued to your television or in Oxford, Mississippi this weekend then I pity you. Alabama played Ole Miss in another heart wrenching, last second, to the wire football game. We always play each other hard, but this weekend took the cake. It was like watching two teams trying to one up one another; mistakes were mimicked, good plays were mimicked... it was crazy. Marcus & I decided it would come down to either who had the ball at the end of the game or who made the last mistake. We were right, too. The last mistake a receiver stepping out of bounds coming back in and becoming ineligible... a costly error for Ole Miss. The receiver had managed to pull the ball out of ALabama's player Lionel Mitchell's hands on about the Al 5 yard line. Thank goodness for Instant Replay. I have always been a bit wishy washy on the constant time outs & play reviews but this time it was a saving grace. At home it was easy to see the error, but as a line judge on the field, wow would it have been hard to call that one. 7 seconds on the clock with an AL 27 Miss 24 score an ending was decided by Instant Replay. What a game! What an entertaining way to spend a Saturday. Even if it had not turned it around, the game was so exciting, so heart stopping that it would have been looked at as a hard earned loss had it went the other way. Never leave early when Alabama takes the field....ROLL TIDE!

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