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Sunday, October 14, 2007

The everlasting comfort of a kindred spirit...

It just so happened that we were able to visit with a wonderful person on Saturday night. Kerry is one of those people that when you are in his presence you just smile. No matter your mood, it seems he illicits laughter & smiles. I have known Kerry for about 7 years now. Marcus has known him for 27, they were born 7 days apart. It was basically kismet the way their families have lived in the same cities over a course of many years. His parents are two of the kindest people you will ever meet & his father has the same 'smile in his presence' character. My first meeting of Kerry was when I lived in Orlando & worked for Disney. He came to visit with Marcus over Spring Break. I immediately liked him. There was something in the way he & Marcus clicked. A bond that even with different cities, different schools, different lifestyles, friendship & kindred feelings prevailed. He helped me see Marcus differently, he believed in our relationship, never once giving us a hard time for being together so long. Some people continually told us to breakup & date other people; "sow your oats", "experiment" things like that. Kerry didn't. He accepted me with open arms, I am sure he watched how Marcus & I got along before he made any decisions as to my presence. Then time went on, I moved back to Ttown, we visited him for his college graduation, he came to Marcus's. Birthdays, holidays, football games,girlfriends, and then Marcus & I got engaged. The first name on Marcus's tongue for a groomsman was Kerry. I embraced the choice with all my heart. On our wedding night he spoke to me with words so sweet & loving of how he had always known Marcus & I were meant for one another, ever since that first meeting in Orlando, he loved us both and wished us such happiness. Those words still bring tears to my eyes...Now here we are over a year later and he still is one of my favorite people in the world.
He has been working on this house in Calera, AL. It is this old farm style house he was able to get for around $50,000. Now this 50 grand bought about a good many acres and then the house. We saw the house at the first of last year, it was a true fixer upper with so much potential that we were envious of his find. He saw the heart of the house and has worked diligently to restore it & bring it back to life. The rooms are so beautiful now, the floors are gorgeous. Rather than tear it down or completely restructure the whole house he merely made it a home. The white of the outside with its hunter green trim welcomes you with a southern warmth that is a mirror of the way Kerry's smile beckons you to be comfortable. The first room off the big porch is a living room with a cozy fireplace. I was intrigued when I saw the wooden antique mantle with fleur de lis accents, his mother told me he searched and searched for a mantle wanting antique over new & boisterous. He found it. The journey for that piece is so Kerry. He took time, patience, probably saw a dozen styles & designs but waited then found the perfect piece. The warm camelback colored walls lead into a hallway; to your left is the dining room. RICH deep crimson with a craft white style trim beckons you to place a serving buffet full of food & a table to welcome you home. The lighting is definitely his creme de la creme. A chandelier with a rustic finish & wheat running up the chain evokes a sophisticated country atmosphere. The hallway light piece reflects the same accents as the dining room only continuing the warmth of the camelback color. 2 side bedrooms have been re-done with paint & doors, there is a new side entrance that leads out to a wooden deck. Then the hall parts to the left for the kitchen. What a kitchen. The warmth almost envelopes you in this room, he has beautiful custom cabinets with rope trim that allow the tall ceilings to flow upward. A center island is home to the sink and there is enough counter space for about 10 stools, but for me the epicenter of the room is really at the edge of the building. A bay window nook looks out into the back yard & yearns to enjoy breakfast activities on a spring day. It almost makes you vision Kerry and his dog Molly sitting on a Saturday morning at the window just relaxing & enjoying the day. To the left is a large wash room that I definitely envy. :) But where the hall parted to the kitchen it leads you to the guest bath & master suite. Here, Kerry truly made his mark. The crimson of the dining room lends itself to the guest bathroom. A stand alone antique-style sink sits below an elegant mirror. The bath/shower combo is large enough to be quite comfortable and the tile around it again echos the sophisticated rustic tones he was going for. The master bath is a treasure as well. New ceramic tile feels cool to the touch as you enter the bathroom thinking of sinking into a large whirlpool tub. The bedroom is a deep hunter green with a large ceiling fan, big windows and french doors leading to the back yard. He truly has put so much of himself in the house. You can see his excitement in his eyes as he talks about the last finishing touches. His charisma has seeped into the old walls, the newly laid hardwoods floors are like old friends begging to be enjoyed. He found a house, but even before it is complete, he has made it a home. I guess I should not have been surprised at all. Kerry has always been able to see light in everything. No matter what comes his way he will find the lining that is not just silver but glows! I admire him for all he does. I only hope that I can make people so comfortable in my presence or surroundings. It seems that a lot of us have those friends that would have just lost touch, chosen not to stay connected. Marcus & I are so blessed to have one of those special friends, those kindred spirits who time cannot touch the friendship...
*I hope to take some pics on our next tour & place them up here for viewing.

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