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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wednesdays Written Word: A CHALLENGE for YOU!!

This week is going to be a little different. Call it a Holiday twist for those celebrating Memorial Day...

Every Wednesday I write a story around a word. Sometimes they develop into ideas for future WIP, sometimes they are truly just wonderful distractions from my current work. Distractions can be good, it can allow you to return to your work fresh and open minded when you may have left it a bit bogged or confused.

Anyway, when I opened the slip of paper I saw: ASK ME

My husband sneakily did this so that he had a bonus entry of sorts. Well I waited for a moment, tapping my fingers on the keys, before he told me he had an idea. He knew the word he wanted me to use but he also had a twist.

Rather than write a normal entry he decided I should make it into a contest for you, my Royal Court. Next Wednesday I will write my own selection for the same word and post as usual. But on Monday, Memorial Day it is all about y'all...

So here is the word he has chosen for YOU!


In the comments write a quick scene, flash fiction, or dialogue inspired by the word.

The winner will be randomly selected by the Hat program (you all know I love it).

I will showcase a few of the entries here on the blog on Monday as well as the winner.

You must be a follower to enter!
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Please be sure to tally up your extra entries in the comments before or after your snippets!

You have until Midnight CST, Sunday, May 30 to enter.
I will announce the winner on Memorial Day, May 31st.

The winner will be able to choose from the following prize packs!


Bran Hambric by Kaleb Nation, Dreaming Anastasia by Joy Preble, Jonas - Beautiful Dead by Eden Maguire, Dead in the Family by Charlaine Harris (A Sookie Stackhouse novel)


The Fire in Fiction by Donald Maass, Hooked by Les Edgerton

Moleskin journal from Barnes & Noble in Red

This contest is open to US & Canada only
sorry international members...
(I promise I have one coming up for you guys)

Anyone who would like to explore previous Wednesday's Written Word entries please peruse the right sidebar menu or my Original Works page!

Oh btw The First Novels Club blog is holding a 573 followers could WIN FOUR SIGNED BOOKS!!! FROM NYT BESTSELLING AUTHORS!!
No more needs to be said. ;o)

Have a Wicked Wednesday!


  1. Ooooh, love the word. I may have to come back . . . .

    Have a fabulous weekend!

  2. Ooo--love it! *waits for inspiration to strike so I can come back*

  3. I'm in I'll give you something wicked later!!

  4. I'll have to concoct something suitable and enter it soon!

  5. Totally wicked contest, Princess! BUT...I am wickedly bad at flash fiction, so it would be wicked of me to enter. I look forward to reading Simon's wicked entry, though - this is JUST the right word for that wicked man! Ha ha ha ha ha!

  6. Fun idea!
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    ambience.of.rain {at}

    Okay, here's my go at it:

    “Wicked sweet,” he slapped me on the back.

    I smiled and popped my skateboard into my hands. He doesn’t know what wicked is. “Yeah, yeah,” I shrugged him off. “I’m headed home.” Once I turned the corner from the skate park, I dropped through the pavement and dirt, pausing to watch a worm inch by as I loosened my hair from its ponytail so it fell to my shoulders, then landed in the den at home.

    “Hey honey,” I kissed my husband on the cheek.

    He set down his book and smiled up at me. “Good day?”

    I shrugged. “It was fine, but I’m glad I’m home.” I plopped into the couch beside his chair. Sure, the beginning of the marriage had been rough, but we’d settled into a nice routine together.

    Coming home to the God of the Underworld wasn’t too bad, if you thought about it.

  7. Ooh! Cool contest, good lady! Now, if only I can carve out time to enter. We'll see what I can do. :)

    And Shannon? I'm touched by your faith in me. ;)

  8. I tossed in the final bit of powder into the pot. It made a loud boom, and I checked to make sure that no one heard and was coming in to check on me. The door was still closed and locked. I looked in the pot and it was a golden color. I held a plastic spoon over the pot and it began to sizzle and disintegrate. Smiling I opened up the little package and tossed it in. Another boom. And then the pot drained. I looked in and jumped back as a little cloud of mist rose. I shivered as it began to circle me.
    "You call yourself wicked?" a voice hissed at me. I couldn't speak, so I just nodded.
    This earned me a cackle from the mist. The hair rose along my spine.
    "Sacrifice something for me, and then you will be under my protection," he commanded.
    I nodded and rolled my sleeves up. My classmates wouldn't DARE mock me after this.
    I picked up the little package with some tongs. I gave it a small squeeze and all of the liquid drained back out, now a silver color. But it was more steel gray than silver.
    I held my hand over the pot. As I hesitated, my palm became hot, like the spoon. I gulped.
    "Do it now," the voice hissed, right in my ear. The mist had mostly disappeared, but a bit was left, and it seemed to make the voice stronger.
    I clenched my teeth together and plunged my hand into the pot. A silent scream escaped my mouth and I fell to the floor, unconscious.
    I awoke to find my arm looking the same as before, but stronger, colder and full of dark magic. "Yes," I whispered to myself, smiling despite the lingering pain, "They won't dare make fun of me again."
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  9. +2 Old Follower
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    He was wicked, in the bad way, with tattoos and black leather, and that horrible scar running down the side of his face. I guessed that he must’ve smoked too, and maybe did drugs. What scared me the most, however, was the way he looked at me. It was as if I were a thousand gold bars or as if I were a free, unlimited buffet or something. I didn’t want him to look at me like that, I didn’t want him to look at me at all, but I was afraid. What if he beat me up or stalked me? I knew one thing, that I didn’t like wicked people, that I would never like wicked people, that I never have liked wicked people.
    Ironically, we’ve been married for 18 years now, and we’ve been in love for every single one of those years.

  10. Great word for a contest!!! Reminds me of Broadway and Elphaba. ;)

  11. As we continued to fight our breath came morequickly and shallow. I don't know about his, but I do know that my body was spent. Every muscle fiber had been used and abused I was beginning to fade and fade fast. I felt the exhaustion as I contined to kick and swing at him with that was left iniside of me. He seemed to be faltering as well he moved a little slower and stumbled a few times. It won't be long now I said to myself. One of us will be victorious! In a flash, we became tangled leaning heavily on one another, I heard him whisper, "she will never fit with you, she doesn't fit into your world. If you really love you will let her go."

    For a fraction of a second, I paused in thought. Looked around the arena and focused on those crystal blue eyes. Hazel wisps of hair blew in her face our eyes locked and the love we share was clear in her smile. My love for her swelled and gave me a renewed strength. As I turned back to alexander, I caught the wicked gleam in his eye as the painseared up my right side fear over took me. I reached down grabbing the blade from his hand and shoving it through his heart! I could not let her live with a wickedness like his. The rage over took me as I began to stab him repeatedly.

  12. Ok, I started my comment on my phone, and then it wouldnt let me correct needless to say, it is incomplete, but it was fun to do thanks for the contest
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  13. Ok i have to end it better than that...

    exhausted, we fell together in a heap onto the sand floor. I rolled onto my back and looked to the sky my side ached painfully. As I closed my eyes, relief flowed through me with the knowledge seeping in that it was over. I was still alive for now. Warm lips touched mine with a sweetness that was all consuming, warmth and love radiated to my bones. Opening my eyes I gazed into the ocean of blue before me.

    With a voice as beautiful as birdsong she whispered "Stay with me my love we are now free to be with each other. I love you with all of my heart. please dont leave me." I touched her porcelin skin and all went black.

  14. Great contest - love the prizes! I'll need to have a think about it and pop back!

  15. Oh tricksy. I'm going to have to think about this one...hmm...lots of good ideas for Wicked!


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