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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Do the Write Thing!

"Nothing that I can do will change the structure of the universe. But maybe, by raising my voice I can help the greatest of all causes - goodwill among men and peace on earth."
-Albert Einstein

Tennessee was hit with 13 inches of rain last weekend. Now some of you might think: Okay, well that's a lot, but why such a big deal?

Well it is a big deal.
(photos are from - visit their site to see more)

The Cumberland River runs directly through Downtown Nashville Tennessee.

13.5 inches.

A river slowly receding.

A city drowning.

Homes destroyed.

Cars piled up along the roadways.

No power downtown.

Historic landmarks under water.

The Opryland Hotel - under water.

The Grand Ole Opry - under water - this breaks my heart!

A hydro plant flooded - drinking water could get to a severe minimum.

Lives lost - more discovered every day.

52 counties needing Federal assistance.

Yet there is hope, there are people banding together to get through this. The wonderful writing community never ceases to amaze me. Wonderful authors, agents, editors, writers, bloggers are coming together to raise money for those in need; and Nashville is in need!

Victoria Schwab , Amanda Morgan , and Myra McEntire have created a blog dedicated to bringing help to Middle Tennessee. The site is Do the Write Thing for Nashville and it is wonderful!

Guys this isn't a blog just telling you about the issues in the area - it is an auction site.

Yep you heard me, you can win something AND help out a city in need.

There are some AWESOME items: signed books, critiques, book swag!

The site went up yesterday with its first list of items, every day more will be added.

Every day you get the chance to make a difference.

Every day you can help the people of Tennessee realize that they are not forgotten.

Every day you can help raise a city from the depths of despair.

I understand that not everyone can donate, many of us are going through our own financial hard times. Even though you may not be able to give money to the relief, just spreading the word can do a world of good when tragedy happens. So spread the word, add the blog as a link, post an entry, add them to your sidebar. Any little bit helps. ;o)

All proceeds will be donated to Community Flood Relief for Tennessee Even if none of the items interest you, please donate. As always you can donate via the Red Cross; the link for the Middle Tennessee chapter is Here

Please go and donate or spread the word THEN come back and enter my Dark Divine Contest - tomorrow is the LAST DAY TO ENTER!


  1. I blogged a little about this yesterday, but you did such a better job than me Courtney, thanks for helping to raise the awareness!

  2. Yes, this is SO sad.
    My husband and I donated a few hundred to the Amer. Red Cross yesterday, specifically earmarked to help Tennessee.



  3. I put a note about it my post today. Need to get folks mobilized. Thanks for getting the ball rolling, Courtney.

  4. Matthew - thanks for stopping by! I am glad you posted about it! I hope that there will be more awareness created now that some of the other things media seemed to be focused on is dying down. Tennessee is hurting...

    Lola - I know! It is AWFUL! We are just one state below them and the stories we are hearing are heart breaking!! I am glad you & yours were able to help out in any way you can.

    JP - Thanks. I saw your post. (you are crazy with that helo dunker - whew!) I am glad that the word is spreading about how much help these people need. ;o)

  5. Awesome, thank you so much for posting this link. I will definitely head over there and send what I can to help these fellow Southerners out.

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  8. You did a great job of sharing this info in a way that only you could! You have such a unique and lovable style! :-)

  9. This is so sad and so overwhelming. Great idea to help.


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