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Monday, May 31, 2010

Monday Memos...

"The secret of happiness is freedom. The secret of freedom is courage..."

I would like to say Thank You to troops of all branches of the US military that are currently fighting to keep us Free and to those who have fought, served our nation bravely who continue to inspire us to be courageous.

Courage is an interesting word. It is one that has many definitions by those who use it.
It can be applied in many ways...

To someone who stands up for their beliefs.
To someone who chooses life over death.
To someone who decides to follow their dreams no matter the risk.
To someone who creates a family.
To someone who lets go and accepts the unknown.
To someone who remembers their past yet rises above it.
To someone who takes their first step.
To someone who breathes their last breath.
To someone who knows when to speak and when to listen.
To someone who loves knowing that love can be fleeting & fickle.

How appropriate that the Latin origin of courage is "cor" = heart. For with hope, heart, and faith happiness can be acquired.

Have a Memorable Monday!

Oh yeah, did I have a few contests over the weekend?? I did!

Okay, okay here are the winners:

Memorial Day Weekend Word Challenge: WICKED

True Random Number Generator Min:1 Max:24 Result: 22


Please email me which prize package you would like to receive! ;o)

* I would like to give extra props to her for typing this on her iPhone. Seriously.

Her"wicked" story:

As we continued to fight our breath came more quickly and shallow. I don't know about his, but I do know that my body was spent. Every muscle fiber had been used and abused I was beginning to fade and fade fast. I felt the exhaustion as I continued to kick and swing at him with that was left iniside of me. He seemed to be faltering as well he moved a little slower and stumbled a few times. It won't be long now I said to myself. One of us will be victorious! In a flash, we became tangled leaning heavily on one another, I heard him whisper, "she will never fit with you, she doesn't fit into your world. If you really love her you will let her go."

For a fraction of a second, I paused in thought. Looked around the arena and focused on those crystal blue eyes. Hazel wisps of hair blew in her face our eyes locked and the love we share was clear in her smile. My love for her swelled and gave me a renewed strength. As I turned back to Alexander, I caught the wicked gleam in his eye as the pain seared up my right side fear overtook me. I reached down grabbing the blade from his hand and shoving it through his heart! I could not let her live with a wickedness like his. The rage over took me as I began to stab him repeatedly.

Exhausted, we fell together in a heap onto the sand floor. I rolled onto my back and looked to the sky my side ached painfully. As I closed my eyes, relief flowed through me with the knowledge seeping in that it was over. I was still alive for now. Warm lips touched mine with a sweetness that was all consuming, warmth and love radiated to my bones. Opening my eyes I gazed into the ocean of blue before me.

With a voice as beautiful as birdsong she whispered "Stay with me my love we are now free to be with each other. I love you with all of my heart. please dont leave me." I touched her porcelain skin and all went black.

Okay these entries were wonderful! I am so glad that everyone enjoyed taking on the challenge. Tuesday I will post the other entries so that everyone can enjoy the Wicked stories. ;o)

Now I also held another contest on Friday's entry the Winner would receive a copy of Catherine Fisher's INCARCERON! awesome book!

True Random Number Generator Min:1 Max:16 Result: 9



Please email me your information and I will get your book sent out to you!

I really enjoyed these contests & well to be honest there is a BIG one coming up... be sure to watch for June 14's Monday entry...

something special for my Royal Court... ;o)


  1. congrats winners!
    Happy memorial day1!

  2. Congrats to the winners! And total kudos for typing that on an iphone. That's dedication. :)

  3. Awesome post. Awesome contests. You really are made of awesome girl. :)

  4. Whoa. That flash fiction is super intense. A worthy winner. :)

  5. KM - Thanks for stopping by Darl'n!

    Yes - she did a great job! Typed it on her IPHONE!! goodness! Tomorrow I have the other 3 stories from the comments to post - they are wonderful as well.

    Always a pleasure to see you stop by ;o)

  6. SJS - Awww! Thanks I really had a blast with these contests! I have more up my sleeve since...well...who doesn't love summer time contests??? ;o)
    As always, it is a pleasure to see you in the Kingdom!

  7. I didn't know that about Courage & it's latin root. Very cool.

  8. Congrats to the winners!! I'm looking forward to reading more tomorrow :)


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