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Friday, May 21, 2010

Pay It Forward, Sunshine & a SURPRISE Friday CONTEST!! Hurry it ends at NOON TOMORROW!!

Kind hearts are the gardens,
Kind thoughts are the roots,
Kind words are the flowers,
Kind deeds are the fruits.
Take care of your garden and keep out the weeds
Fill it with sunshine, kind words and kind deeds.

-Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

B. Miller is hosting quite a unique contest. B. Miller's Pay It Forward Giveaway is an opportunity to spread the word about your writing. I give you the prize:
If you are a writer with published work available for purchase, I will buy your novel/story collection/chapbook, etc., up to a value of $25. I will also read your work and give a review on your chosen website, as well as a review and a plug on my blog, Twitter, and Facebook fan page. I will go to my local library and booksellers and ask that your work be stocked on my local shelves in Greenville, South Carolina. And, if you're willing, I will do a guest feature on my blog for you, complete with interview and links to your media

Awesome! This community constantly amazes me. There are tons of details to this contest that you need to check out:Pay It Forward Contest ends May 31

So Raquel over at Raquel Byrne - Edge of Your Seat Romance honored me with the Pay It Forward post. In it she listed 3 blogs that she would love to hang out with in a non-virtual way. I am deeply honored and humbled by her mention of my blog. She is such a doll and I am so excited to have discovered her blog and formed a new friendship.
In the spirit of this award I want to pass this on to three other people who I would also love to spend non-virtual time with. (Please know that in my Royal Court there is not one person who I would pass on the opportunity to have a cup of tea, share a pizza or wander the shelves of a bookstore with)

Karen Amanda Hooper - I don't think there is a single time where I don't grin when over at her blog. She is not only funny and sweet, but a passionate person who stands up for her beliefs with honorable conviction. Plus MerPeople...I mean come on! Who wouldn't want to spend time with this girl!

Lola Sharp of Sharp Pen/Dull Sword - Oh my goodness this girl has heart! Not only is she the Alpha in my WolfPack ;o) but she also posted a video of the Gene Wilder Pure Imagination video...come on! If that doesn't get you over there this will - Lola is an amazing blogger and writer who will keep you interested, have you smiling, and make you remember how great it is to be a member of this community.

Janet Johnson Who else do you know that compares Chinese takeout and fear of disappointment? Or today has you recalling your Oops moments?? She is a Princess Mommy (so the royal connection had me at hello), a children's writer, a mother and a girl with great heart in every post!She also terrifies me because she is a Grammar Natzi -truly! You will laugh out loud at an entry about Less Calorie/Fewer Calorie Salad me on this.. ;o)

The ever wonderful Shannon from Book Dreaming awarded me the Sunshine Comment Award! I could not have been more ecstatic when she told me. I love how bright and cheerful this award is! I am honored that she thought of me when passing this along.

I would like to give this one to 3 writers:
Simon Larter - Simon I could not help it. The little yellow rainboots will look adorable with that frothy frozen cocktail and well let's just admit it: There has never been a comment from you that did NOT make me smile!!

Rebecca over at Sonshine Thoughts - (Sunshine is in the title;o) )Rebecca is always cheerful, whether it is a contest comment, blog comment or blog post! Plus her vacation photos had me pining for July when I will be hitting the beach, putt putt golf and taking my Peanut Butter puppy along for all the fun!

Indigo of Shattered Prose - her writing is beautiful and her sense of humor is wonderful! I always love to see her comments and her tagline of (Hugs)!!! I truly feel like a close friend stopped by every time I see her icon. There isn't a post that you won't love at her blog!

So scoot, go visit these amazing people! Make a new friend or reconnect with one you haven't seen this week.
Oh and just for fun, RIDDLE ME THIS:

What is so fragile that when you say its name you break it?

First TWO people to answer the riddle correctly in the comment section wins a book!
ONE random commenter who got the answer correctly will win as well!

$10 or less from the Book Depository!!

( Entries must be received no later than noon on Saturday 5-22-2010 - I will post the winners on Saturday Evening May 22, 2010 -US & CANADA ONLY - YOU MUST BE A FOLLOWER ;o))

Have a Fabulous Friday!


  1. Silence? I hope I'm right...I hope I'm right...

    LOL! Thanks for the fun, princess. :-)

  2. Congrats on the awards Princess! You wear them so well. :)

    BTW - The answer is SILENCE. :)

  3. CONGRATS Royal Princess!!! Well deserved awardage.
    (I just gave you one on my blog today too! :)

    And THANK YOU for the lovely words and link love! I hope you know how much I adore you and your positive, generous personality.


    Happy Weekend, sweet friend!

  4. Congrats on your awards. I'm loving all the new links to check out today :)

    Enjoy your weekend - and I'm late on the silence answer but I'll add it anyway.

  5. I wonder how many didn't google the question? LOL ;)

  6. Wow, so many great things going on around the blogosphere. I hate it when I miss out. *pouts*

    Congrats on your honor and to those you nominated for awards. I'd love to hang with you anytime!

  7. Well, I wasn't the first 2, but it's silence.

    I have a good one: What do you own, that's your's, but other people use it more than you?

  8. Silence! I know, not the first two, but I DID figure it out before I saw the answer. Fun riddle.

    And THANKS for the love! Seriously grinning. You made my day. :)

  9. Thank you everyone for such kind words! Remember that a 3rd prize will be given so please include your answer...

    Oh & Lena I love that one: My Name. ;o)

  10. Haha, I see others have answered the riddle ahead of me, but it is, in fact, silence :D

    What a sweet post. The writing community is so fantastical.

  11. Silence! Haha, that's pretty much the only riddle I know the answer to. :-)

  12. You have made this an even better Friday--you are just spreading the love! Have a great weekend!

  13. Great post!

    I know Im late but I would answer Silence too.

  14. Technically quiet works too.

  15. Got here to late..oh well but the answer is silence :)

  16. LOL I bet Simon will love the award. :D

  17. I usually stink at riddles - but I knew this one was silence. Proud moment. Little on the late side, but proud anyway :)

    Congrats on your awards and good choices for the pass alongs!

  18. silence!

    lol congrats on the award.

  19. Thanks for the links. I love searching out new blogs. I learn so much from them (or find me some plain ol' entertainment).

    Now I'm off to chat without breaking anything--a great advantage to the blogosphere! Well, sometimes I laugh out loud...

  20. You are all so great!! Thank each of you (and anyone else who comments before noon tomorrow) for participating! This has been fun... I just might do this more often... *wink*

  21. Thanks so much for the award! It's always fun to visit here :)

    Oooh... now I get to pick three great commenters on mine!

    Answer is silence :)

    Listen to the sound of it?

    Sorry, that was a bit goofy :) I'm off to bed! Glad you enjoyed the vaca pics!

  22. Congratulations, Princess Courtney! You deserve lots of awards. Tuning into your blog made my day. You just have that effect on people.

  23. Wow - all the great links and awards! That's awesome! You deserve it.

    Have a great weekend!

  24. Silence! (That wasn't me answering your riddle, btw. I was just telling everyone to be quiet so I could hear myself think. It's not easy coming up with witty things to say in comment sections, y'know. Now where was I? Ah, yes.)

    Thanks for the award, good lady! I was just thinking the other day that I didn't have enough yellow ones. Now I'm pretty sure I have the whole color wheel, and it's all thanks to you! ;)

    No really, I do appreciate the award, m'dear. 'Tis always lovely when people think enough of li'l ol' me to send an award my way. Merci beaucoup, your highness!


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