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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super-Puppy-Bowl Sunday!

Well it is here - Super Bowl Sunday!!

Though I am sad that the football season is really closing it is a shortlived sadness. Signing day for college football is February 4th and before you know it April will be here along with "A" day on campus.

Those of you may not know that while the Super Bowl is going on, Animal Planet also puts on the Puppy Bowl. This is an adorable "bowl game" with some of the cutest puppies. At halftime rather than some concert they have kittens romping around and a parrot sings the opening National Anthem. It is hilariously cute. It runs all day long.

Yesterday I went up to Birmingham with mom, Tabitha and Stephenie for a Twilight Luncheon. It was so much fun. This was just a simple lunch with the four of us & Lucy at California Pizza Kitchen. Mom, Tab, Stephanie, and I had went to the Venetian Spa for pedicures before lunch & some shopping at the Summit. After lunch we headed to Brookwood mall to HOT TOPIC for some Twilight memorabilia. It was a fun girls day out. Poor Marcus is sick with a bad case of Bronchitis and spent the day at home. Today has been pretty lazy. Mostly a little cooking for the game and some Wii time. :)

Well Marcus & I decided to flip the channel for just a few moments to see the cute puppies of Puppy Bowl V and we discovered their number one fan....

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  1. So cute! I hope you don't get sick! You don't need anymore of those bed ridden sicknesses. Give Marcus are love for us!


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