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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Working for the weekend... oooo....Everybody's work'n for the weekend... :)

So we have made it to Thursday! Woohoo! This week has been quite the eccentric week. My brother in law, Keith, traveled through on business Tuesday night. It was great to see him, have some dinner & catch up. He spent the night with us then was out yesterday morning. I also had an early morning & headed over to Mississippi to work on a new flavor I am developing for a customer. It is a good thing I am a Foodie. I taste some weird stuff for my job sometimes!
Oh yeah - got a speeding ticket while returning from Mississippi. Don't these troopers know that I was ready to get out of clothes that smell of a chicken plant/lab! Geez, I was speeding with the windows down to cover the scent... just kidding. I did get a ticket though - Sumter county. Yuck! But oh well.
Once I got home - my dog & a new yoga pose awaited! The Chair pose - um, hello, do I really need to feel every centimeter of my butt & hamstrings???? Seriously, just knowing they are there is enough. It is challenging, but worth it.
Okay... so I am going to cop to watching a Pop Culture phenom = American Idol. Granted we are not addicted & watch every show, but we do kind of scan the episodes. We really only like to watch it once they wheedle them down to 12 singers total. Then it gets interesting. Anyway - um that girl Tatiana??? I did not know that certain octaves could be reached - in a bad way - until she was on the show. It is not even her singing voice - this is just her...laugh, voice, crying - existence. Marcus has to mute the TV.
oh on a totally different message - keep my mom in your thoughts. She had some extensive surgery done on Monday when they removed her wisdom teeth. Hers was not one of those easy extractions due to her gums were having problems and the roots grew all weird. It is a painful recovery. She is doing well, just it will take awhile & I hear she is pretty bruised from the experience. So readers, please just keep her in your thoughts.
As I head to dinner this evening I pose the question: Any big Valentine's Day plans???? I am always intrigued by the various celebrations/non-celebrations this time of year.


  1. SOrry about your mom (and your speeding ticket!) ! I'll keep her in my prayers
    Yes Tatiana needs to GO she's ok when she's singing but truly the most annoying person.
    Mike, Izzy and I are going out for a family dinner. We rarely go out to dinner with the three of us so I thought it would be a great way to celebrate this year.
    What are you and Marcus doing?

  2. I agree, Tatiana really needs to GO!!!!


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