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Saturday, November 29, 2008


Okay um do you see the title of this post? Yep 36 - 0!!!! Yep NADA, no POINTS, nothing! Yes Bama played the Iron Bowl today. We have lost to Auburn 6 straight years - no more! NO MORE! Alabama is 12 - 0. Nick Saban came to us last year, everyone knew he has process, that he saw potential and that he is a coach who can capitalize on potential. NO ONE saw 12 - 0 in the second year. NO ONE saw playing for SEC Champ. NO ONE saw #1 in the nation in the second year.
I have always been proud to be an Alabama fan; in the good years & the bad. This is a good year.
ROLL TIDE! We meet Florida next week in the SEC Championship. NO matter how this season ends it has been an amazing year and a nod to the many more amazing years to come!


  1. Dad and Aubrey went to the game and I'm so jealous. Aubrey came home hoarse. I think Saban deserves a raise!

  2. Just a small thing... your title says 36 your post says 35. Either way I would have loved to have been there cheering on in the face of some 'familial' auburn fans!

  3. corrected just for you Tracy~
    we actually had 2 tickets to the game - due to having company (family) we had to forfeit them and gave them to Marcus' best friend. We received them like a day or so before & um, next year... family will just have to enjoy our home without us :) ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!


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