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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A great husband...

Okay, time to do a little bragging. My husband is amazing! Seriously. Tonight we were in the kitchen making dinner. Marcus had been home all day thanks to the Veteran's Day holiday so he was excited to have some company. I had placed the laptop on the island so I could see a new recipe I had emailed myself when I remembered I wanted to show him a picture.
Vanity Fair magazine did a story on the cast of Twilight for their December issue. I have been reminding myself to check the date for release, but had not yet found out exactly when it would hit stands. Anyway, I show Marcus the pictures (the ones you see below) and then I noticed it said that the mag would be available on November 11. Um, hello, that is today. Well after Nina & I barely got all the copies of the Entertainment Weekly cover issues from Saturday, I worried that I would not get a copy of this one. So what does my husband say? "oh well, it is just one article." NO HE DOES NOT SAY THAT HE SAYS: "Should I go into town and see if there is still one there?" I look at him at first with shock then I look at him in awe & thanks. He is literally asking me if I mind or want him to go into town at 6:30 p.m. just to grab a magazine. I LOVE HIM. Both of us cannot go due to needing to finish supper. So with a smile, a kiss, and a lightweight jacket he leaves. People, he goes first to Walgreens, they don't have any. CVS = nope. Rite Aid = nope. He heads on into Midtown and goes to Barnes & Noble. He gets the last copy. Yeah, he does.

Okay Marcus has always been more than supportive of this obsession. Since he enjoyed the books and looks forward to the movie, I think it helps. But really it is my obsession. Yet he still bought me a trip to New York to meet the author (though I had surgery & missed out :( ), he is going to Nashville with me to just see the movie with other Twilighters, he supports my Twilight dinners, he obviously supports purchase of merchandise from posters to rings to bracelets to clothes, he talks about the books with me without any patronizing or condescending tones and he lets me freak out without calling me crazy all the time :). But this small thing. Going to find a magazine that has two pictures and a short article for me - it meant a lot.
He also told me at lunch today that he does not want me to go to the midnight showing. See he has to work on Friday and would not be able to function at work if he goes to the midnight showing. I told him I was trying to get my mom to go with me and well he said no to that too. At first I was about to get peeved, then he said "I want to be with you when you see it for the first time." How could I argue? It was really sweet. So I will see the movie for the first time in Nashville with 380 other Twilighters and my amazing Edward-esque husband. This just means my sister cannot tell me anything about it before I see it. lol!

On the Vanity Fair photo shoot topic - they posted some outtakes. I love them! Check them out below! (all pictures are from You can see they had a good time on this shoot.

Sorry just had to brag about him today...


  1. What a wonderful man! I actually shed a tear when I read he wanted to be with you the first time you saw the movie. You got one of the FEW good ones!!

  2. Sweetheart, never apologise for being blessed to have married a wonderful and thoughtful man. I love you and my wonderful son-in-law and I agree with him, you should see it first with him. Love Mom


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