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Sunday, November 23, 2008

I am still a little giddy....

Okay so Friday night we went up to Nashville. As soon as we checked into our hotel, we headed to get some food. We WERE STARVING. After a good dinner at Carraba's my nerves were just jittering, I had to see TWILIGHT. It had been out since Midnight and I had yet to see it. Marcus & I headed over to the Thoroughbred 20 and got tix to the 10:30p showing.
The theater was full and the patrons were very quiet. It was like when you are waiting for something to appear & you think that if you sit very still & quiet it will come faster! :) lol. So the movie started and we all let out our breaths. For the next 2 hours and 2 minutes I was fascinated. The book that I love so much flitted across a huge screen in front of me. I LOVED IT! Billy Burke did an amazing job as Charlie, he added a spark to the role. Anna Kendrick as Jessica - girl you rocked. Catherine Hardwicke nailed "high school". I laughed, I cried, I was swamped with emotion. The audience was somber and only loud when you should be. When James breaks her leg, I jumped ten feet in my seat - ouch! When Edward & Bella are at dinner in Port Angeles & Rob Pattinson's song is playing in the background...OME! Then when they arrive at school and are getting out of his car...OME! Marcus even loved it. I mean actually loved it. He is one to tell me this sucked or change this before anyone else will & he walked out saying: "It was really good."
So after being so giddy I of course could not sleep. But at 7:20 a.m. we had to start getting ready for the Lexicon Movie Event. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!! There were 500 diehard fans waiting outside the theater, we got a goodie bag each of so much cool stuff! Then there were some AMAZING door prizes! Awesome. Alphie & Pel of did such a good job. This screening of the movie held no previews & lots of SCREAMS! It was good we had seen it the night before. Again - second time around - still love it! Marcus -still loves it. He is still talking about certain scenes from the film. Then as we are walking out of the theater, my phone gets an email from Summit Entertainment - NEW MOON will begin production. OME! OME! OME! Wow. We were a part of the revenue that helped make that decision. That is so awesome.
Saturday night & afternoon we explored Cool Springs & Downtown Nashville! Broadway is an amazing street with all kinds of bars, lounges, all the famous locations! It was a blast!
Sunday morning came quick and we had to head back into Downtown Nashville to make it to the Titans - Jets game. LP Field is beautiful & the fans were great (we are not "fans" of either team). The walk from our parking garage to the field = holy crap. lol you walk on this bridge over the river & the view is beautiful! I have pics & will post soon.... I know I know, I still have pics from Tracy's visit I have to post. They will be on here soon!
Overall - one of the best weekends! BTW I will be seeing it again at least 2 more times this week alone..... :):):):):):):)

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  1. So glad you finally got back to the living and let us know you were alive! i hope you enjoyed all my texts... Mike took me to see it on Saturday and he thought it was ok. But he had trouble with the awkward hs conversation... I guess he missed out on awkward puberty male/female conversations! I'm dying to see New Moon, even thought Edward's role will be so small. I'm going to read the books again, now I"m starting to get all hyped up.. Just think, if they can push hard enough... in three years all four movies could be done!


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