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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

We can't help it, we are either hosting or traveling...

Roll Tide!
Well this week is going pleasantly. Robert & Ramona are still in town, their visit is going well. We had a great time watching the game on Saturday - what a game! Then Sunday I put all my Christmas decor up - I will be sure to post the gazillion pictures I need to post as soon as I can including my decoration pics!!! :) we watched Christmas movies all day long and went to MugShots for a great lunch. Monday night Robert & Ramona cooked us a hearty dinner of meatloaf, mashed potatoes, & green beans. SO YUMMY! Then we watched some TV and just chilled out. It has been a blast visiting with them! We so hope that they have enjoyed Tuscaloosa & of course the Barr Bed & Breakfast!
Last night we celebrated in Birmingham with Kerry for his birthday. Robert & Ramona went up to visit Rob, Regina & the girls. We headed to the StarDome and saw two great comics! We love stand up comedy & last night was superb.
There is one new development: WE GOT TICKETS TO THE SEC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME IN ATLANTA!!! BOOYAH!!! yep - Happy Early Birthday Marcus!! Wowsers!
He is beyond excited. So this weekend we will be heading over to HOTLANTA! We found two tickets at a great price and offered one to my sister to give to her husband. So it will be Marcus & Keith going while Nina & I spend the day with the kids. I am so excited too, we barely got to visit during Thanksgiving and this way we will get to see the kids. Marcus had already been upset that we would not be able to have them down to our house just to watch the game. He had really been hoping to try to, but then we had company so we did not want to overwhelm anyone. So this answered everything! Again we will be traveling during the weekend, we seem to be traveling or hosting all the time. I thought maybe with the holidays I would get a bit tired of it, but nope. It is good to be able to travel, to see people, to spend time with family during the holiday season!
Robert & Ramona are going to head over to Memphis to see her sister on Friday then head back to Texas on Sunday. So it all worked out well. I was beyond giddy when we got the tickets today!


  1. SO we could have come down this past weekend?!!! I'm impressed that you gave them up! Congrats on the Atlanta game!!! SO jealous! Have fun, y'all deserve it! I hope I dont' forget to call Marcus and tell him happy birthday.
    BTW the elephants napkin rings, my mom found them and I honestly don't remember where, I want to say Pier 1. They had a bunch of elephants stuff years ago.

  2. I hate you, I hate you, I hate you, I hate you!!!!! The last SEC championship game I went to was when we beat Florida. I saw Steve Spurrier throw his visor in disbelief. Ah, it was awesome. I hate you.

  3. Sorry Cheyenne! But ILOVE YOU< LOVE YOU:) LOVE YOU!!! I am so stoked... Keith is totally siked!! I do wish I could have kept it a secret for a few more days, but I was just tooo giddy!!! We will have a blast... It better be areplay of 92!!! Rolllll TIDE!!


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