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Thursday, November 20, 2008


It is TWILIGHT weekend.
I am more than excited, more than ecstatic, more than ready to see this on film. Not only am I glad that it is finally here, I am tense, nervous, giddy, delirious, everything all balled into one. Marcus & I head to Nashville tomorrow evening. We plan to see the movie when we get there and then of course again at the TWILIGHT LEXICON MOVIE EVENT! So ready.
I am just overwhelmed with emotions. This has been one of the most crazy, roller coaster ride filled obsessions!
From the first Monday that I opened these books to right now my life has changed. There are reasons to love Twilight without becoming crazy about it, there are reasons people don't like it, for me I found Twilight at a point where for some reason my mind & body had become a bit depressed. Actually a lot depressed. I had been struggling with being a bright happy person for a while. On the outside most people who barely know me would never have been able to tell, but those closest knew. Then I found a love story that made me laugh, made me cry, swept me away in the old world epic love challenge that we so often lose in today's prose. I am a person with a very imaginative mind. I developed these images and not only did they enter my daytime reading, but my dreams. Their story captivated me and then there is the author. A woman who wrote for herself this love between two people so heavily battered with obstacles yet forces of nature could not separate their 'lives'. This woman dreamed, wrote it down, and found herself waking not to her normal reality, but to millions of fans. The whole being that is Twilight enveloped me. I was able to escape but while escaping, the story pushed my own doldrums out the window. It helped me to wake up, start writing again, start being me again.
Marcus was the most supportive during those down months and when Twilight came along rather than being condescending of this new obsession he helped me nurture it and he supported the craziness. I found he enjoyed talking to me about something that made me smile. He laughed when I would giddily find information about the fourth book and then when filming began, well he definitely had to laugh at my internet stalkerish ways of all blogs about Twilight and everything about the actors.
He smiled when I hooked my sister, my mother, friends, people I barely know, and even when I got him hooked.
So Twilight is a movie, Twilight is a book, Twilight was a dream, Twilight is a love story, Twilight is a safe escape, Twilight is my personal sanity when the days go gray. It now falls into my "saving Courtney's sanity" booklist. This list already has Little Women, Taming of the Shrew, Doomed Love, Old Fashioned Girl, any book by Carolyn Keene, any book by Jennifer Crusie, Harry Potter, Emma & poems by Lord Byron. All of these books are something that I can pick up, read, devour, enjoy, cry, laugh, love, and embody for a small snatch of time....


  1. Oh, Courtney, get some professional help! J/K Mom and I are going to see the movie on Saturday and are way too excited about it! Don't spill the beans, since you'll be seeing it before me!

  2. I can't wait to hear about your weekend!!!

  3. I just watched a couple of interviews with Kristen and I have to say, she looks like she's tired of answering the same questions by reporters and doesn't really like all the attention. Either that or she stays in character REALLY well! But still love her in this role!


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