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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Roll Tide - No Ducks!


  1. we watched that over, and over and over;; thanks... i think I'll try out my camera and see if I can get the video to work and we can flood the blogs to rid our minds of the go ducks fiasco!

  2. Well, whatever happens in the future, this video is proof that Tracy did something right!

  3. You think ducks can't kick some...? Here's a link. And just know that elephants do have natural predators... lions. Remember that when you watch this video!


    PS- Bama better be saying "Go Ducks"... if we beat USC this weekend it will only help Bama's ranking...

  4. A few key points that should probably be addressed to Leslie's post on her blog...

    1. I love the Crimson Red Background on her Blog, fight it all she wants, but I think she subconsciously supports Alabama's rich heritage of football where it is religion, not just a spectators sport.

    2. The mascot in the video that was posted I am sure did not know how to handle a duck trying to mate with it.

  5. Oh alright, I knew lions only took out the young and the weak. I didn't expect a dictionary to be brought in. You must be serious. My only rebuttal left is geographic (I am, after all, a geographer). Ducks belong in Oregon; elephants in Alabama? At least there's the geographic connection for us. And think, we both have in common a bunch of crazy drunk kids painting random parts of their bodies and buying school-color wigs and acting like idiots. I am also trained in conflict resolution, so now I am finding common ground!

    And I am very sorry about USC. We tried, but they were too mad about their spanking last week from the worst team in the Pac-10. And you couldn't even hear anything good about the ducks because the commentators were too busy on their knees over USC... or talking about Dancing with the Stars. Bunch of baloney. I am glad that Bama won their game (and I saw the Tigers lost!)
    Go Ducks!


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