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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Football, Football, everywhere!

We headed south this weekend to the big C! Coy & Colton were playing in the WILDCAT Bowl at W.A. For those of you unaware of this huge event :) it is an all day football extravaganza at my High School. Starting bright and early in the morning the Termites (little kids) & the Pee Wees (5th & 6th graders) play teams from around the area. The Jr. High normally plays a game as well. Anyway, it is a tournament & of course being the host school you hope to win. We did. The boys did so good. They are growing up so fast!! Since Pee Wee plays games on Tuesdays mostly we won't get to see them play during the season unless a game happens to occur near Tuscaloosa so this is the perfect opportunity to watch not only one but at least two games. Plus we really get to spend the day with the boys after the games. I never tire of visiting my nieces & nephews. They really are just awesome. After the WILDCAT Bowl we headed over to Eric's house to watch the BAMA game. Now look, we did win, but my goodness we looked awful! It was still fun though - Mindy, mom, Eric, & myself made all kinds of finger foods, the kids iced some yummy cupcakes & we enjoyed each other quite a bit. After the game it was on in the game room: PING PONG & POOL!!! Yep a rousing game of Ping Pong with each of the kids! Hannah was there & she did so well learning the game. As for Pool well, lets just say Coy is getting really good & he is teaching Colton everything he knows. Colton had just learned to hit the cue ball from behind his back and he did really well. The sad part ALL 3 kids beat me at Pool. Yep. I whooped them in Ping Pong but they got me back at Pool. Oh & the twins have their own versions of Ping Pong - I call it EXTREME DANGER PING PONG! don't ask :) It really was a great weekend. We also got to visit with Mary Ann & James. She made some amazing coconut cake that makes my mouth water just thinking about it.... hmmm wonder if we brought any home with us????


  1. Roll Tide! It was ugly, but a win is a win at the end of the season.

  2. YEA and now you'll see the next one (after one more week!) with me!!!


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