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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Quick Flying Times...

Whew! This weekend came roaring in and soared right out! Friday night was dreaded grocery store night, then Saturday poor Peanut had to have his shots & get his nails clipped. He is such a trooper. We have never had such a well behaved dog at a Vet. I mean he just sits there and lets them do whatever & looks at us to make sure we are still standing right there. So precious!

Alabama played Western Kentucky & thankfully returned to the team we saw beat Clemson 2 weeks ago. They won 41-7: Nice. Our house was definitely on the quiet side this week, we only had me, Marcus & Rob. Cooking was simple. I made some yummy Bacon Cheeseburgers, homemade onion rings, & cheesy fries. YUM!! Game day fare for sure. We had brownies & ice cream for dessert, it was delicioso!

Sunday came & went quickly. We really were quite lazy, a quick nap here, movie watching there, I grilled fish for the first time ever. Note to self: olive oil on the grill bars BEFORE you lay the fish down. :) It was quite good. I found a recipe for a ginger glaze that is wonderful on chicken or fish.

So as for a weekend it flew by, but it was nice. I was a bit preoccupied about one of my best friends the whole weekend & the trying times she and her family are going through. There were moments where I would just tear up and wish I could share a hug or just sit with her or even call. But I held off on calling because I knew she had a house full & knowing her was putting up a strong front for anyone around. I did text a message and was ecstatic when I got a response. I cannot imagine how they are feeling right now. But I know her faith is one of the strongest that I have ever encountered and I know her heart is one of the most loving that ever walked the earth. Her & her family will make it through this that I know. I hope she remembers that tears are not a vice but so often more a virtue and that here in Bama there are people who will cry with her, laugh with her, dream with her, and remember with her whether we are 7 hours away or 30 minutes. We love you & consider you all an extension of our family. I cannot wait to see you! :)


  1. Man... this may be morbid but make sure i die before you so you can write my obit... you make me sound amazing! only 4.5 days left!!!

  2. lol! You are so crazy! Did you see the new background on here? My Breaking Dawn extravaganza!! :)I will email you my flight info by the way... CANNOT WAIT TO SEE YOU!!

  3. The background didn't show up until this morning... where did you get it? I love it!

  4. OK, love the background. Would you believe I still haven't read Breaking Dawn? My mom was supposed to send it to me, but hasn't yet. (She's probably reading it first!)


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