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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Breezing by with my speakers blasting...

So today was like any other Wednesday give or take the fact that I ran errands for some clients coming in from Atlanta from 2 p.m. until 4:15 p.m. I love it though it gets me out of the office for a few hours & lets me roll down the windows & turn up the music. Music is so much a part of my every day experience. If for some reason I don't hear a radio or see a video through out the day I feel like I missed something at the end of the day. I just have to have music around me. Granted my music may be me humming a tune I heard before I turned off the car, or one that is just stuck in my head - I used to hate that, but actually it can be fun to have a song play over & over all day. Especially if it fits the mood of the day. Mood is another thing music really determines for me. I am so susceptible to a sweet song, a loud song, a happy song, angry song, whichever comes on my mind & body flow to its tune. Today I have listened to Jack's Mannequin almost all day. The Resolution is an awesome song, but so is Bruised, Holiday for Real, Mixed Tape, well really the whole album rocks! My windows were down & my music was blaring when I drove home - the wind by the way gave me a new hair style. I normally part my hair to the left, but the wind nicely did it to the right... I might purposely switch it up tomorrow... hmmm. Sorry random thought. Anyway I am one of those creatures of noise, the person who loves the music as loud as it can go feeling it find rhythm with my heartbeats. It is understandable that the eardrums may take a beating later in my life, but thankfully I am the type who can feel music. Place my hand on a speaker & feel the vibrations course through from head to toe. The soundtrack to my life is such a mixture of beats. Loud vivacious tones curled into soft lullabies and ballads. I find it is peppered with happy beats that make you want to just dance until you fall down and then there are the slow, sexy, soothing melodies that seem to honestly caress your skin. Music is like a drug for me - I have to hear it, to feel something, to experience each song. I find myself with my eyes closed towards the sky on a sunny day with a song in my head and I am far away or right where I stand; either location is a good one. So now I head to the back to take a nice candlelit bubble bath while listening to the soothing sounds of .... Boys Like Girls, Green Day, Matt Nathanson, & Jack's Mannequin... tonight I am in the mood for alternative, next bath, maybe some classical, but tonight it will be hollering out the lyrics as the light flickers around me.

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