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Sunday, August 31, 2008

ROLL TIDE ROLL: Bama 34 - Clemson 10

I know she is in a NEBRASKA shirt (blame her mama! :) But she is a true BAMA GIRL - trust me!!!!
Yep opening game & Bama came out with all cylinders clicking. We truly RAN over Clemson! It was awesome!

We of course had our house full of guests: Rob, Regan, Mary Ann, Cheyenne, Olivia, & Aubrey, Nina, Keith, Jon, Anna, Jessica, & Christian & of course me & Marcus. It was so much fun, we ate, watched the game & thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.


  1. Ahhh...she is so cute! We had so much fun with you guys. Thanks for having us over!

  2. we had a blast as well! We look forward to the next ballgame get together!!! ROLL TIDE!!!

  3. We also had a GREAT time.... It was fun relaxing and just hanging out!!! THe kids asked when are we going back??? It was great seeing you up and moving better!!! I hope you have a great day at work tomorrow :) I love you! THanks for having us over!!!

  4. OK, I am really missing Bama... We totally would have been there.. (and really Isabel would have at least had a Bama shirt on!!!). Now I'm totally jealous... I mean really CHEYENNE over me! agh! So glad that they can come and hang out with you... we all need a lil' Chey in our lives!


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