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Monday, August 4, 2008

Breaking Dawn...

Okay I finished the book. Um, best ending EVER!!! It gave me closure. Closure is definitely what one needs after a series like this. Never before have I read such an intriguing and interesting ending. I am proud of Bella, Edward, & Jacob. They not only surprised me but entertained me. Thank you Stephenie Meyer for creating this world, this story. My heart survived. It was wonderful. Now we wait for the movie :)
Below (under the posts) is a video shot at the Barnes & Noble in Tuscaloosa. It was my outing for the week - albeit in a wheelchair. But we were interviewed and we played Family Feud Twilight style. It was awesome. I was so worn out & hurting at the end, but it did not stop me from diving straight into the book!


  1. I wondered if you went to B&N! Several of my cousins finished the book already, too, and feel the same way about it that you do! I'm still "patiently" waiting for it to be delivered to my doorstep, so shhhh...let's not speak of it anymore...

  2. I stupidly passed up on the chance to buy the book (and at a good discount too!) I"m still kicking myself I can't wait to read it... I"l call you this week to check up on you.. how is the laptop?


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