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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Thank You

This post is dedicated to some people.
Nina - I have always known that if I needed something you would be there in any way you can. I never expected to have to ask or need help at 27 recovering from major surgery. I think about how a year & a half ago you would have been too far away. That the phone & this blog would have been our connection during all this craziness. It would have been awful. But God has always known how to help me. He knew that I would need you & He knew that I would need you in person not just spirit. You moved to Atlanta & not only have I found it easier to visit but I have discovered a best friend. I feel bad that you were the one that got the first week out of the hospital - but you were the one I needed at that time. Thank you. Your patience & love knew no bounds. I love you.

Mom- You are the greatest mother that ever could be. I have always been in awe of your love. Not only the love between you & dad but the love that you share with all of us. I admire your patience, your understanding, your ability to comfort, and your personality. Each trait is uniquely yours & uniquely beautiful. I needed you on week two. I don't think I could have handled letting you see me so emotionally & physically weak as I was the week with Nina. I wanted to be stronger for you, because your strength has always been an inspiration. Thank you for loving me, for feeding us :) , for spending all that time with me just being mom & me. I love you.

Stacie - thank you for the phone calls. They light up my day. Hearing about your gorgeous girls has made me smile countless times. Keep posting those videos, they are precious. Keep calling too, I miss you.

Tracy - thanks for the updates on your travels. I know you have enjoyed family so much. I cannot wait to hear ALL the details. Talking to you after surgery made me laugh, smile & cry - you are such an amazing friend -I miss you.

Cheyenne, Aubrey, & Oliva - your visit made me smile for days. Olivia is a joy & growing so much. Marcus needed the 'guy visit' with Aubrey. Cheyenne you are such a shining person, so much fun to be around. I need to make you enjoy shopping more :) We cannot wait to see all of you during football on Saturdays!!!

I know not everyone that I can thank reads this blog, but there are a few people who I want to thank just in case they ever stumble across it: Jamie McClure - you called out of the blue the minute you heard. Thank you. It means more than you will ever know. Ryan Vick - You called the minute you heard - you not only reminded me what a great heart you have but you also assured me that everything would be okay. You were so emphatic, it really comforted me. Josh Maness - you called when you heard. You have always been such a great friend. Thank you. Kerry Ray - you saw me when we thought it was just a kidney stone. You made me laugh so hard it hurt & I loved it. You are my cutie.

There are literally over 100 people who have either called me or sent me a card or came to see me or sent flowers or just prayers. I don't live in Camden anymore but Camden still holds me as family. Thank you. We needed that. If I did not list anyone individually know that I thank you dearly & love you.


  1. Well sweetie, I love you too. You have become a great friend as well. Trust me, I dont take off a whole week for just anyone. Eventhough Keith and the kids faired well, I was terribly missed. Although I think they would have preferred I brought them with me!!! You were a trooper and did a wonderful job, the emotions are just par for the course. Believe it or not, I had a great time. It was fun to be just the two of us :) Love ya!


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