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Friday, December 7, 2007

Weekend Activities

Well Saturday December 1st was another concert evening (we are really racking up a large number of concerts this year). The usual gang - Eric, Mindy, Marcus & myself. We saw Gary Allan & Keith Urban at the BJCC. It was unreal. Gary Allan was a bit intoxicated so his 45 minute performace was a bit peppered. Keith Urban on the other hand began around 9:10 p.m. and played until midnight. I have liked his music before, but after watching him play his instruments, hearing his voice sound just like a CD, and the way he enjoys performing, I really like his music so much more now. His set up was awesome almost intimate at times. For a performer to make it seem like only 1/3 of the audience is there due to attention to detail and acoustic performances is impressive. NO major fancy lighting, just band, big screen & the music. He even jumped off the stage & wandered into the audience (to the utter dismay of his body guards), dedicated a song to his wife, & played alone at the piano. Oh by the way, he is also HOT! lol. Probably one of the most attractive men I have seen in real life. (I hope you enjoy the pics...)

On sunday, 12-2, we had the Agee Christmas/Thanksgiving bash in Arlington, Alabama. It was interesting. This year we did it in a church, a bit colder & not as family-warm as usual. Even though there are so many of us, being crammed into a house is a better setting (BTW usually about 80-120 of us are together for Christmas & Thanksgiving). We ended up with nice gifts (we play Dirty Santa) I got a Vera Bradley umbrella, Marcus got a Craftsman Shop Vac. Seeing grandma Agee is always the best part. She is such a sweet woman, how she has survived this growing family, well who knows! :)

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