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Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Well another Thanksgiving has gone. We went to Camden, of course, and enjoyed some of the best cooking around. I unfortunately got very sick on Friday afterwards, we think maybe it was just the rich foods. I was awful all day and finally on Saturday was no longer vomiting & nauseated. Of course a new wave of nausea hit Saturday evening while watching a certain football game... but anyway. So we threw the twins a Auburn/Alabama birthday party (for anyone who doesn't know, Coy is Bama, Colton is Auburn) It was so much fun! Nina & her kids were in for the week so the house was full! Hannah got to come as well with Mindy so it was like the beach trip from the summer all over again! They are all so sweet & we really are glad to see them so much now. I think it is important as cousins that they stay as close as possible. I have got a slew of pictures to get from Mom from the party & as soon as I do they will be posted. The twins got some good presents & seemed very excited about everything. They are growing up so fast... 10 years old. WOW! I easily remember their births... they were so tiny! Can you believe it.. Christmas is just around the corner!

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