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Sunday, December 9, 2007


Woo hoo! It is here... the Birthday week. For those unfamiliar this is how birthday week works:

Definition of Birthday Week – one entire 7 day week, the birthday boy/girl does not have to do ANY chores, is allowed to choose the complete menus of his/her choice for each day (take out is included), gets a gift each day, no nagging or fighting, & are basically treated as a king/queen.

We started this years ago when we were dating. Course when you don't live together it basically means you get a gift a day & taken out to eat or have some special snack. Marriage & cohabitation make it a very intense week at least for the non-birthday goer. The funny thing is, we love it. You know that your week will come so doing those things for the other person is not laborous, not demanding, just fun. Plus the whole of the week is really what we should do any way: no nagging/fighting, treat each other like kings & queens. The gifts each day can range from a back rub, to a DVD or to just going out of your way to do something that the other normally does & take that one thing off their to do list for them.

This year has been nice. Marcus has had some specific dinners requested so I have been hard at work on those, the chores are not bad either (you know I love to clean). This weekend the family came up to see the birthday boy... two great meals & lots of love from everyone. It was very nice, I think Marcus had a good two days (a bit more hectic than he expected, but still good days). He is 28. crazy, huh?

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  1. Hey I sent you an email telling Marcus Happy Birthday but it got bounced back...tell him please...btw I'm so jealous..Keith Urban is so cute!!!


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