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Monday, December 10, 2007

Schedules at the holidays... WHAT IS THAT??

okay here I am - December 10, 2007. Now we are 14 days from Christmas, schedules for activities are pretty much made. We factored in some down time just for us, set up the families for the days we will be visiting, work & try to keep our sanity. Yeah all that typed looks nice, but the reality is the holidays have a tendency to make their own schedules. Kind of like that saying "if you want to see if God has a sense of humor, tell him your plans & hear the laughter". This past fall has been such a whirlwind. We have worked quite hard to make sure we slow down. Yeah - we have failed thus far :)
So this coming up weekend - our supposed "calm" weekend-we are swamped. Friday evening we have plans in Birmingham - dinner & to finish Christmas shopping. Saturday morning I will be baking - holiday goodies for neighbors & a few friends. Evening - dinner with friends. Sunday, oh Sunday - right now it sits upon the cusp of being a lazy day. Cross your fingers my friends, cross your fingers. As for the holiday schedule well that was quite simple to begin with but due to work schedules & travel schedules this Christmas will be quite different than what I am used to... hopefully I will keep a portion of my sanity, at least enough of it so that I don't open the door in my underwear (REFERENCE: In the Land of Women on DVD - grandma rocks!)

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