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Monday, November 19, 2007

Happy Holidays!

Well it is official the season is upon us! Really it was here last week, but the Monday before Thanksgiving is definitely my realization point. Turkey Day, the feast of Americans day.

Last weekend as I perused the Galleria & various other shops Thanksgiving & Christmas was everywhere. The rush was in every storefront, Christmas music piped through clear & static-y speakers, Christmas trees were lit & decorated, Thanksgiving platters anointed every shelf, and kids were selecting their prized favorite gifts. You cannot help but feel it, even those moments where it is too hot in the south and you honestly think that winter is merely a figment of some Yankee's imagination. The preparations of Christmas are one of my favorite activities as a human. My car is filled with the music when I sit behind the wheel. 96.5 out of Birmingham plays Christmas music 24/7 from 11-17 through 12-26 every year and my iPOD is loaded with my favorite selections. I already have my two trees up (though at a risk of not being too annoying I did at least decide to wait to put up the outdoor decor until AFTER Thanksgiving)

It is just so fun to search out the perfect gift for someone. To see that one thing that makes you go: _______ would love that! It always makes me smile, shopping, searching out the prize, finding it & realizing - nope this isn't what I want to give him or yes a perfect fit. There is such satisfaction. I also, being the Princess that I am, revel in making my Christmas list each year. I search high & low for the items I want then take pictures or post pictures of them to a booklet or folder. Marcus gets a copy & I get a copy. I am lucky to have someone who really wants me to give him a big list of options - meaning he is guaranteed I will like the gift & also still makes it a surprise as to which one he chooses... so wonder what I will get... :)

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