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Sunday, November 4, 2007

l'amore fra la madre & le figlie....

There are days when I am just in awe at my blessings. This past Saturday was one of them. (even with Alabama's loss to LSU - so close!) We, of course, had a house full for the weekend. The Watsons & the Stallings were in town for the game. Saturday morning my mother, sister & I were up early and headed to campus to the Bryant Conference Center for Merry Market. (it is a vendor show held yearly by the Junior League) Immediately we found things we liked & the shopping day began. While wandering all these different booths, trying different tasties, oohing & ahhing, gasping at some pricing, while marveling at the inexpense of some luxuries I found a wonderful thing. Here I am with the two women I admire more than any other in the world. Standing here laughing, talking over anything & everything, being with them enjoying each other's company, & realizing how it is too little time we spend together as mother & daughters. Nina's new location to Atlanta has been more wonderful than I hoped. Our age differences for so long was such a thing to over come. Then about 8 years ago it is as if our eyes opened & our hearts reminded us that sisters have bonds that can withstand any gaps if you work at them. Thus the friendship we have today began to build. Mom now has both daughters who are so different yet so much alike within arms reach, at ages where we can all talk & share anything or nothing at all. The ability to do so is sometimes overwhelming. There are points in each others lives that we are all not familiar with; it is as it should be, we should always be able & aware of something new about someone or at least be aware that there are things we don't know, things we are not yet able to understand. The point is that we will be there when we are needed & will lend the ear, shoulder & heart. We are getting to truly know one another. We giggled over odd fitting clothing, were understanding to not really criticism but help towards 'clothing support', loving about issues that can be scary, & more like a group of young girls on a mall run than ever before. Cloistered in a changing room laughing over colors, lengths, choices, & each other I found myself very satisfied & blessed. Quality time is not a term meant only for a husband or immediate child. I find that quality time is a range of moments, each one as important & special as the next, the key is to know that when the moment has passed that our passing memories may not be able to capture every millisecond but they will hold a scent, a sight, or a feeling that defines what love is...


  1. Very well put, that's how I feel when I'm with my sister also, except we have more of a geographical gap to over come!

  2. Just now saw the I told Tracy, I'm terrible at reading blogs. And yet, I expect all others to read mine! Good to see you on Sunday...


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