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Sunday, September 16, 2007

What a weekend...

Unless your head has been under a rock, most people are aware of Alabama's 8 second victory over Arkansas on Saturday night. That game was AMAZING!!!! Decisions that we as armchair quarterbacks & coaches questioned were not immediately seen as genius: 4th down, he chose the field goal over a touchdown in last moment situation??? Well when I learned Sunday morning via the Tuscaloosa News that Saban actually asked his defense - Can you hold them? they responded yes; he asked Leigh Tiffin - Can you make this field goal? he responded yes; Saban trusted & the boys provided. What a concept! Not only have you given your players confidence by trusting, but you have given them a feeling of true contribution! No matter the outcome, they would have respected him for that opportunity to attempt to prove they have the talent & confidence to deliver.
We ended up with more than a house full. Saturday morning we ended up with extra tickets (my parents already had tickets to the game - Marcus was going to with my dad, me & mom were going to shop & watch the game at home), so we called my sister Nina in Atlanta. Her husband was in New York on business but her oldest son was ecstatic to be going to his first game (he went at like 2, but this one really counts:) )So the 5 of them trucked over to Ttown & boom we had a house full of family! It was a blast. Mom happened to hurt her back at the end of the week so we had her propped up & comfy on the couch, me & the kids made cupcakes, cooked supper, & watched an amazing game. It truly was a wonderful weekend & really made me realize how wonderful it is that Nina can pop in whenever, that she is now close enough to really get to share in all our lives. It is definitely a blessing & joy!


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  1. ROLLTIDE! I missed the game but turned the TV on ESPN in time to see the highlights..we finally took Isabel shopping..she had like 3 outfits and 3 pairs of pjs, that's it! I hope you're mom's feeling better, I love the you get to see Nina and the family so often also! Maybe when we get down we'll have a lil' wedding reunion!


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