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Friday, September 14, 2007

The weekend..

Wow, it is Friday again. As much as I dread Mondays, it seems they pass by rather quickly. Friday is already here, eagerly asking me what are we doing this weekend? Funny how we all plan & plan & plan for weekends. Even when we claim we are doing nothing, that statement in itself is a plan or agenda to do nothing. At our house it is rare we ever do nothing or even have a lazy day during the weekend. What constitutes lazy to us is probably pretty active to some & almost stagnant to others. This particular weekend welcomes another Alabama football matchup & some visitors. It seems we are forever hosting family or friends & honestly I LOVE IT! As much as just vegging out can be fun, I have found that the social butterfly within me, begs to flit around on the weekends. I love to cook & clean & prepare not only the house but myself to sit a spell & visit with someone. Every Saturday in the fall when we stay in Ttown for the games, I cook an elaborate showcase for lunch & dinner. Tailgating at our house is an event to behold. (Rob & Marcus have grown quite accustomed to having good food so when I went to Atlanta opening football weekend, they weren't thrilled. I did make some things in advance, but mostly they were on their own. :) ) The fall season hosts a bevy of busy weekends thanks to the Crimson Tide. Tonight I will be cleaning up around the house, planning my menus. Just enjoying being at home, being busy, & being thankful that I have such great friends & family to enjoy seeing over the weekend.

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