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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

20 seconds of time...

Okay, this is about something that happened fairly recently to Marcus & myself. We were going to the theater here in Tuscaloosa to watch a movie on opening night. We had to meet there after work rather than ride all the way out of town then turn around and come back again. Let me set the stage for you: Parking lot of Cobb Theater in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. BACK rown of lot, curb/grass area is on the right; car is in the next to last parking space quite crooked. Marcus maneuvers his Avalanche (large truck) into the parking place, but due to the person beside him he is a little crooked, even with his back wheel slightly up on the curb. He quickly exits the vehicle & meets me inside. (I had gotten there before him & was able to park fairly close to the door). We enjoyed the movie immensely & head to our respective vehicles. I pulled up alongside Marcus to discuss dinner and found him laughing out loud. He hands me a small slip of notebook paper that read as follows:

Dear Mr. or Miss Douchebag^
We the people of the movie-watching population of Tuscaloosa greatly appreciate that you feel you are important enough not to have to take an extra 20 seconds out of your life to repark your gas-guzzling vehicle in a manner in which other people can park beside you.
Thanks. No, really.

I read & re-read the hand written note. Not only did my eyes shake at the run-on sentence, but I laughed at the concept of time mentioned in the body of the message. Sure enough I have been aggrivated by a parking place not so neatly filled by a vehicle before, but when you saw his truck you could easily tell he was not number one to have parked there causing the crooked domino effect. This person took 20 extra seconds to make a point to someone because they 'assumed' due to the truck size that they were the culprit. This concept lead my mind to how many of us assume that due to outside appearances or choices in purchases that we all mean to act more important & are meaning to damage the environment or the lifestyle of those around us. How silly for this person to do this rather than head on into the theater to relax or home to visit friends & family. They created their own stress yet tried to hand it over to an innocent bystander. How often are we all guilty of this? We create stress for ourselves so often then are upset when it occurs. We are fickle beings who sometimes detest drama while other times thrive within it. Every one of us can be found guilty of this, some just to more extremes than others. Look at me right now, taking time out of my day to blog about someone else & their complaints.

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  1. I have to admit, I'm guilty of it...although I never leave notes, I just fume about it. Usually in you situation I complain about all people that can't park...that way everyone gets equal share of the blame...that's how I handle it! Thanks for the laugh! I'm excited about your Jeep! The color sound awesome...I guess you and Marcus own stock in oil companies with your two cars!!!! :) love ya


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