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Monday, September 10, 2007

New Vehicle

Well I bought a new vehicle this past weekend. Yep a brand new Jeep Commander. I had a Maxima for the last 2 years, but found that me, Moxie (the maxima) and curbs don't see eye to eye. That poor front bumper was just too low for a country driver like myself :) So I missed my SUV & have been looking for something new all summer. We sold the Maxima for more than what we owed so I had the freedom to really look for something fun. I stumbled upon this Commander & pretty much stole it from the salesman. We haggled for a bit on price,but in the end, the southern belle won out! It is so comfortable & one of the smoothest rides I have ever ridden! I love it!!! Lots of room, but not too much to be imposing. It is built like a hybrid of the Hummer/LandRover/traditional Cherokee. Marcus likes it a lot & is just happy that I am now happy :) I will post some pics. :) (no children to show off, so I have to show off my dog, my husband or my car :):):):):) )

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  1. I like the order of your pics..the dog, then Marcus OR the car. At least we know what order your priorities are in! :) I'm excited for you! What color is it? My friend here in St Charles has one also...hers is forest green with tan interior. Very pretty...I'd rather have red myself but since I'm not getting one...better luck with this bumper...

    by the way, thanks for posting...I was waiting all day again!


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