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Friday, May 18, 2007

Well, there appears to be a weekend on the horizon....


I am so glad it is Friday. You hate to wish your days away, but by george I love the weekends!!!

This weekend should be a barrel of fun. tonight we head to the ampitheater in Birmingham to see the Marshall Tucker Band & Charlie Daniels in concert. Eric & Mindy are going, it is pretty much his birthday weekend/gift/extravaganza. I cannot wait. I have not been to a concert in quite a while and considering the classics of Southern Rock this one should be good.

Tomorrow we have a wedding reception in Tuscaloosa. A girl Marcus works with Ashley Cole is having a temple marriage in Birmingham and a reception at her home in Tuscaloosa. She is such sweetheart & I know everything will be beautiful. My friend Tracy would love to see it: Ashley's color is purple. :)

Sunday we plan to go see Shrek 3. YIPPEE!!! I really have enjoyed the Shrek franchise and I hope that it is as good as the second one was.

This week has been a pretty good week. I had some weird muscle spasm in my right shoulder, I figure since I just restarted focusing on my pilates it probably pulled a muscle that has been in hibernation :). It did allow the excuse for a massage yesterday evening. Though today it is not nearly in as much pain, the masseuse warned me that the muscles around the sore area would be sore today due to stretching the injured area out. She was right. base of the neck is tender & sore now, but the spot I went for is fine and I have not had a headache today so YIPPEEE!! Marcus claims: You are broken, where do I return you!! He is so silly.

I will definitely have to put bi weekly massage on my upcoming summer wish list. I have decided to create a wish list for the summer. Some things to accomplish, some items I would love to buy, some activities I want to do. Here is a rundown of the things I have come up with so far: (these are in no order of importance)

20. Put more emphasis on my pilates.
19. Work on adjusting to the new discovery of hypoglycemia & making sure I eat like I am supposed to.
18. Read 25 books. Focusing on 5 genres: Romance, Mystery, History, Youth, Region.
17. Volunteer somewhere: currently I plan to volunteer at Literacy Plus to help teach someone to read.
16. Explore a new store, that I normally pass thinking there would be nothing for me in it. One that I have never been to, either in Ttown, Vance, Northport, or Birmingham.
15. Really focus on taking care of my flower beds. I have worked so hard & spent a great deal of money to enjoy these flowers, and they have bloomed beautifully, I owe it to them to make sure they are happy & bright.
14. Spend as much QUALITY time with Marcus that I can. I read yesterday on a blog that one woman only sees her husband a few times a week due to his demanding job, but she makes sure that the few hours she spends are of the best quality. They work hard to not fight or if they fight make sure it isn't something stupid or silly. She stated that quantity of time is great, but nothing beats good quality time with her husband & family.
13. Spend some lazy days around a pool or waterpark & get a good natural tan.
12. Visit mom & dad and just relax, enjoying their company. No rushing to weddings, or events, just being home.
11. Grab dinner with someone I have not seen in a while or never get to.
10. Beach VACATION with the fam!!
9. Bi- weekly Massage & pedicure!
8. Get a new purse, surprisingly I have not purchased one in a while, I know faint, I almost did. I would really like to get a new Coach or something substantial.
7. Become an even worse magazine junkie :)
6. Spend a lot of time with Bubbles, just let her be her and be near her.
5. Help out a loved one any way that I can...
4. Work on the basement, the yard, and everything in between in the house.
3. Watch a bunch of movies at the theater. Nothing beats the big screen.
2. Find my sanctuary again - remember the girl who used to paint, draw, & take photographs. I gotta find her again, her view on the world was very nice.
1. Cook something new as often as I can.

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