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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Hot & Dry...

Hot & Dry... sounds like some weird Chinese soup or something. But it really describes how the Spring is acting this year. I mean Missouri is getting flooded, wildfires in Cali & Georgia, Alabama = Hot & Dry. So of the options ours isn't so bad, but geez my flower beds are thirsty!! We water them every day, but that does not really substitute for natural rain. Funny how things like that are. I mean I prefer real flavorings over artificial in my cooking; it just tastes better, though the item does still taste good the substitute does not make it perfect. My flowers still survive with the water hose, but there is something about rain water that really makes them flourish. But on the other hand, the swimming pools are very inviting and it almost makes you relax due to the heat makes you faint if you work too hard!! I may have found the silver lining :)

I am so excited about Summer! Don't exactly know why, it is not like I get a huge vacation or something, I am just excited. Lots of Summer movies to see, swimming to do, I just love Summer! Silly I know. Maybe we will go see Shrek 3 this weekend, looks cute. Also we are thinking about getting season passes to Alabama Adventure. We don't have a pool nearby, (the country club in our area is new & only has the golf course & club house so far - wish they would hurry up with tennis courts & pools) and we are about 18 minutes from the water park so we figure we could use it as our pool!!! Not a bad idea, huh?

I will have to go the website today and look at the pricing, think they are having a sale or something...hmmm.

Anyway, I plan to post some photos of my flowers that I have worked so diligently with, I figure if they die due to lack of rain, at least they are preserved in photos. :)

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  1. YEA!!! Wonderful, wonderful weather...It's finally getting warm and hopefully to stay this time. I'm glad you are enjoying so many fun times...have fun at the pools!


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