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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

A week later....

Well here I am. One week after Bear's passing. We are making it. Bubbles is slowly beginning to go back to normal. Her tail started wagging on Saturday & she is ALMOST sleeping through the night. She misses him terribly. It is heartbreaking. She is definitely lost at times without him. We catch ourselves saying his name when dinner time comes around. Marcus is doing well, much better than I expected.

Thankfully God took him at a week where we had so much going on that it helped with the pain. God definitely knows timing.

Thursday I had to go to Birmingham for a huge Cookoff that the National Chicken Council was hosting. My company was one of the main supporters and we had some serious work ahead of us with Media & the contestants. Food Network filmed the event and my small claim to fame should show myself on television when it airs this July or August. Thursday night I had dinner plans free and called an old friend, Jamie, up to meet to eat. She is doing very well in Birmingham and I was so glad to have been able to catch up with her. We are so close geographically yet don't see each other hardly at all. After dinner she dropped me off at my hotel & I met some coworkers for drinks. Boy did we go out for drinks! It was a lot of fun, I even ran into two people from high school that I have not seen in a while. Rolling into my hotel room at almost 2 a.m. wasn't the brightest of choices considering my wake up call was for 5:30 a.m., but hey you just roll with it when you are having fun.

Friday's events were so much fun, hectic, and tiring all at the same time. The contestants were so nervous and excited. 51 from all states and DC. Cooking chicken to win $100,000.00. the second largest purse (Pilsbury is the largest with $200,000.00) and I cannot blame them for being ecstatic about the possibility of one dish to win that much money. Everything went well. I seriously got to be on camera quite a bit (unless editing comes into play) it was nerve racking but actually quite fun.

Friday evening I came home and at first wanted to crash, but had a second wind and wanted to head out! We went to dinner, had a few cocktails to soothe my nerves and then headed home where I DID crash :)

Saturday was blissfully boring & relaxing. Marcus had taken Friday off and done all the yard work so we watched movies did some laundry and just chilled. Bubbles played outside, we just relaxed, enjoyed the beautiful weather. (hot, but pretty :) )

Now on Sunday, well, it was fun. Eric called me at like 8 am waking me up and telling me him & Mindy wondered whether or not we could get together. Well of course we could! I cooked some of my famous chicken fingers & vegetables, we watched a DVD then got up and saw SpiderMan 3! Busy SUNDAY!!! at 11 pm we crashed. Busy weekend.

Well that is more of a rundown of days rather than a normal blog, but oh well! Anyway, hope everyone out there is good, enjoying Spring and just relaxing every now & then!

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