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Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Kingdom's Sunday Scribbles...

Welcome to
The Kingdom's Sunday Scribbles!

I decided that since Sunday is a day I spend a great deal of time dedicated to my manuscript, I would start doing something called The Kingdom's Sunday Scribbles... Every week, I will post a quick blurb about how things are going & maybe some links to a few things I have found interesting. There are so many wonderful things out in the Blogosphere, Twitterverse, Cyberworld that it can be overwhelming! Granted there are a million things I miss just because not enough hours in the day to visit them all or to even learn they exist! So here goes...

1.) Bama won yesterday 31 -3 against Mississippi State ROLL TIDE ROLL!

2.) A wonderful virtual friend of mine, Frankie, whose blog has been quoted/linked by Publisher's Weekly! GO FRANKIE! To read her account and see how amazing she is click here: Oh & be ever so jealous as you read her account of the awesome author event she attended!

3.) Have you met Ninjadillo yet? You haven't? Well be prepared for a possible attack if you are an adverb lover like me! Head over to Shannon's Blog for his video debut!

4.) CONTESTS!!! Woohoo at the books to win:
a.)Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stone! This book sounds awesome! Via the Reading Nook! enter to win here:
b.) ARC of FALLEN by Lauren Kate via Frankie's blog:

c.) Signed copy of Twenty Boy Summer by Sarah Ockler over at Laura's Review

d.) TONS of SWAG & BOOKS over at Michelle Zink's site:

e.) Palace Beautiful by Sarah DeFord Williams :

5.) ALWAYS check RKCharron's blog - talk about keeping you up to date on book releases, contests, everything!! It is wonderful! Some great articles & tips too! (There is one she posted about Imagery & the Third Eye by Stephen King that is AWESOME)

5.) A great article/reference on the need or not need of Literary Agents on Distraction 99 blog (Nova Ren Suma author of the awesome book Dani Noir) Also just peruse her blog - she has some great honest entries about being a published author!

6.) A fun & good blog about all things Literary Management! Check out Dystel & Goderich's blog:

Progress Report: My manuscript is going well, I cringe at when it comes time for revisions, but I am pleased with my direction so far. You should know that these characters are so much fun to hear! Granted many arguments in scenes have occurred, but overall I think they like where they are going.

I also want to thank so many other bloggers/followers out there that post comments on my blog. You all are so wonderful & supportive. I love hearing from all of you & cannot wait to meet everyone new that stops by!

Okay whew! The Kingdom is full of craziness & fun this week. The sites listed are just a hand full of the ones I visit. There are tons more, but these stood out the most as I thought about this week's entry. (By all means run through my blogroll on the left to find even more fun places to visit) So go on, click on some links, enter a few contests, read up on the publishing world, follow some Tweets & stop by the Kingdom anytime!


  1. Aww this post is so full of awesome!!! Thanks for the linky love:-) You're so awesome and keep going with the manuscript-it'll be great. I know exactly how you feel about revisions-when I first sit down I'm like omg really? I wrote that. EW!!!! But then it gets better. Also, did you get my email? I have to mail you your prize!

  2. Glad to hear your manuscript is going well! Keep us updated. :)

  3. Ninjadillo is awesome and also sort of scary. Glad to hear your manuscript is going well. We're in the dreaded revising stage right now. Can't wait until we're DONE!

  4. Hi! I saw your post over at Lisa and Laura's and thought I'd stop by. I'm freakishly obsessive about checking my blog comments too. The comments are where the fun begins. I thought I'd add another comment to your list so you can have more fun checking! hahaha :)


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