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Monday, June 22, 2009

Sleep - Eat - Swim - Eat- Swim - Sleep - Eat - Swim - Eat - Sleep.... ah summer.

We went South last weekend to Camden for Father's Day. We were quite tired when we arrived but some wonderful Chicken Salad on Croissants, fruit, fruit dip & chips were waiting for us... goodness it was so good we woke right up. Well we at least woke up enough to slip into the pool for a few hours. :o) The water was so warm it was like a huge hot tub set on just the right temperature. Mom, dad, Marcus & I just floated and talked. It was so nice. Saturday was a warm, cloudless day. The water was still warm but cool enough to be refreshing. By 9 a.m we were an hour in and stayed until around noon got out, ate, went back in, got out around 6, ate, went back in. Do you see the pattern here? lol.

We had so much fun. Eric, Mindy, Coy, Colton & Hannah all came down and the kids had fun playing in the pool. It is always so nice to see them. The boys are growing up so fast! Hannah is just a little doll. She is so sweet & really coming along with the swimming. They all asked if we would be there the 4th. It is a wonderful feeling being loved by your nieces & nephews. I never really had that type of relationship with my parents' siblings. My dad's were so much older than him & my mom's just were not close geographically. This time though, I get to spoil them rotten. I get excited every time I get to visit with them and sad when it is time for them to go.

The summer this year is a whole new kind of HOT. I mean what is the deal? Every day I walk to my car at lunch, every day I grimace at the temperature of 105, 111, even 121 last week that my car is at. Then as I try to enjoy my lunch the lowest it goes is 99. Dude, what is the deal???? It would not be so bad if say it were end of July or August, but um, middle of June? Way too hot, too early.

So as I type this I realize that there is still so much summer left. So many more days of sauna like heat and steamy afternoon storms; but there are also beach trips, volleyball games in the pool, sales, family gatherings, reunions, books to read, books to write, cool evenings inside, good food to eat... so the balance is quite in my favor. I hope your summer is a hot one with loads of entertainment. :)

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  1. Wonderful weekend your Dad and I thourghly enjoyed every minute.


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