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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Memorial Day... Pensacola Beach 2009

Oh we had a wonderful Memorial Day at Pensacola Beach. The first day was a bit sketchy high winds (like 20 mph gusts) and rain threatened to create a very enclosed weekend but by mid day the winds were becoming slower & the sun was glowing through the clouds. The waves though... wow! I am not sure I have ever seen the Gulf with such high crests! It was beautiful!

We sat on the beach and sunned a little then on Sunday everything was as it should be - GORGEOUS beach weather. Oh it was wonderful. Regan & Riley loved the easy access pool & hot tub.
The waves were calmer than the day before but also still very high. It was a yellow flag day so everyone hit the water carefully. It was clear - no jellyfish or seaweed - and cool. John (Mike & Rhonda's little boy) was buried in the sand. I don't mean like sitting down or lying down I mean standing up buried to his chest. It was hilarious. Eian dug the hole & dropped him in it. Then they just filled it in! Crazy.

Marcus & I were staying with Robert & Ramona at a beautiful home on the beach called the Tiki House. It was HUGE; fully equiped kitchen, gigantic living room, game room (big screen with a bunch of game systems) then a traditional game room (air hockey, pool, ping pong & foosball), private pool, hot tub, and fenced in back yard. It was awesome. There was 21 of us staying in the house. Ramona's family had come down from Utah, Kansas & Tennessee.
We had some wonderful cooks in the house & the meals were great. Marcus & I of course made time to head to Peg Leg Pete's... twice. :o) Rob, Regina & the girls stayed as well & we had some great times swimming, playing cards, ping pong, just relaxing. It really was a great time. I did somehow manage to NOT blister my face, shoulders & chest, but somehow DID blister my legs... very bizarre. It usually is a trial to get a good tan on my legs but for some reason Sunday's beach time gave me the red of a lobster. lol Today though it is a deep dark brown so I am happy - even though it was painful to get to this point.
We so wanted to stay and play in the sand for longer but our Nutter was in Camden & we missed him. So we headed to mom & dad's to get our baby & get home. Marcus developed a summer cold after the trip & we are still fighting through it - he also has given me the sniffles... darn him.

Oh & by the way.... TWILIGHT won 5 of their 6 nominated awards at the MTV movie awards on Sunday. But the MOST important part was the sneak peek of NEW MOON! If you are interested, scroll down a good ways and you will see the video player. Enjoy.

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