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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hanging, Hammering, Nailing - laughing, crying, enjoying...

I have been working for the past week on a large number of shelves, frames, paintings and all out odd-end home improvements. Yes the girl who cannot choose a wall color can really redecorate or rearrange any room quite quickly :)
Marcus & I went to Atlanta last weekend to see Nina, Keith & the kids. It was so much fun! Friday night we got in fairly early = around 10 EST. Not too bad; it is normally later. Keith had grilled some awesome cheeseburgers so the late dinner was great. On Saturday we split the groups: all girls - all boys. Us girls went to some shops that I had not visited in quite sometime as well as a HUGE designer fabric store - Tracy you would freak out. It is like THE place the area designers go to get fabric. Like HGTV fabric store, crazy. Then we went to this place call Rustique in Marietta. Okay they had a like a 30 foot iron giraffe & rooster for your yard. YES you read correctly. But they also had the most beautiful outdoor fountains, arbors and benches. Mind you they also had furniture & home decor, but really they did not want to sell that stuff. A BASIC pewter cake plate (not Arthur Court - no design) $130.00 Yeah, we just told the girls not to touch anything - neither did me or Nina:0)
Then we snagged Marcus. Me, Nina, Marcus, Anna & Jessica headed to downtown Atlanta to IKEA. Okay Marcus & I have gotten the catalog but this was our first store experience. That place is HUMONGOUS! They sell EVERYTHING!!! We now understand why people shop there. It was like house Disneyland! We will definitely return. We bought 4 awesome floating shelves (they are big by the way_ and an eight foot tall solid wood bookcase. I was almost crying I was so happy to have gotten the book case. I have TONS of books that are kind of stashed everywhere. Because I collect antique/vintage books, displaying them is important to me. Now they have a home.
Also this week we have daily hung a shelf or had a picture framed. We had tons of prints that need frames. Some Daniel Moore Alabama prints, some artwork we bought from a gallery, some photos and a Twilight poster. Got them all done! WOOHOO!!! Marcus was so thrilled about one of the big Bama prints we had framed. It turned out quite a bit bigger than we expected, but it looks awesome beside Stevie the TV.
Anyway, the weather is crazy but we have really enjoyed doing all these little projects all week. I look forward to finishing some of the organizing I now have to do! :)

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  1. I LOVE IKEA! I'm so glad you finally got to visit it in person, it really must be experienced. And yes I would love that fabric store, we have a great one here for clothing/quilts... but not for home decor. I love hearing about your Atlanta adventures! Oh and Stevie looks happy with his new friends.


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