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Saturday, March 21, 2009


today is March 21st 2009. TWILIGHT the movie has been in my home. Not on television in a commercial promoting the film, but actually playing in my home. I saw Edward & Bella. I watched the story unfold as I did months ago in a theater. Only this time I felt like an industry insider. The DVD has special features; director/actor commentary, extended scenes, production notes and of course.... deleted scenes. These deleted scenes just might end up being the bane of my current existence. I was worried about these scenes & when I watched them among Twilighters I discovered a truth to my worry: the scenes should not have been cut. 2 scenes that were deleted are "give or take them" scenes. But the rest, the rest are pivotal to the heart of the story. The depth they could have given... I could hear the collective sighs of Twilighters around the world as a scene with Carlisle & Esme was shown, I could feel the shared aggrivation as a simple caress in the meadow was lost, and I could see how a few added seconds would not have 'upset the flow of the movie' but would have actually made it more cohesive. I know it is easy to be an "armchair director" alas! come on people! I truly feel that these segments were removed due to they wanted to portray a more 'thrill' type movie rather than a 'romance'. Even after all of the above lines have been expressed I am still giddy beyond doubt due to the entire experience. I happened to have invited a close knit group of Twilighters over for a viewing party. Now if anyone knows how much I love to throw a party then they know there was cake, yummy cookies, games and of course thematic decor! A shoutout to Mary at Mary's Cakes in Northport - that woman makes a delicious cake & she also made me a Stupid Shiny Volvo and Danger Magnet cakes without too many questions or a call to Bryce Mental Hospital. Might I add that she has no idea what Twilight is, but her assistants did. My menu was simple but relative to the book: Pizza (Bella dares Edward to eat a bite in the cafeteria), Lemonade (the drink that Bella is drinking when Edward keeps her cap), Mushroom Ravioli (do I really need a description? The restaurant Port Angeles), Veggie Pizza (those vegetarians :o) ), Doritos (Jacob & Paul fight over these in Breaking Dawn), Apples (hello?), Diet Coke (she drinks one) and cake (Bella's birthday party). I also had goodie bags & prizes! It was so much fun! We laughed, we critiqued, we ate and we swooned! Thank you Lori, Stephanie, Tabitha, mom & Nina. For a wonderful afternoon of Twilight. Marcus kindly took Anna & Jessica to Chuck E Cheese for the afternoon & it sounds like they had a blast.

Before I leave you my wonderful readers, I wanted to give a small moment of reflection: It was a March afternoon when I discovered Twilight for the first time. That day will forever press into my memory. It is fitting that on a March day I enjoyed the movie at my home for the first time. This series is so much more than books. The friends I have made, the bonds I have developed are priceless. So please enjoy the pictures & I cannot wait to see some of everyone elses... happy Twilight weekend everybody.

Note: my sister pouts as she is forced to have her picture taken before she can open the prize she won being the fastest at putting Twilight puzzles together! lol


  1. I told ALL THE GIRLS at our young women's sleep over and all the adults about your party. They couldn't believe it... if only they knew you! I'm glad you had fun. I can't wait to see it again. We will attempt to rent it this week. Someday I'll buy a movie again! I"m glad you had a blast.

  2. You crack me up! I knew what this post would be about before I even started reading it. The OME!! title on my blog list gave it away! Happy Twilighting!

  3. I just watched the extras on the movie and I totally agree, they should have left many of those scenes in. the added 4 or 5 minutes would have made a huge difference in the movie. Especially when you have those few that have not had read the book... if there are any left...

  4. Hey girl... I'm following you now, but I can't get my picture to take... You know I'm technically challenged! I loved the party... Alice would have been proud!! Can't wait to play in Phoenix!!!

  5. I am completely, utterly impressed. You need to be a party planner. ANd I'm currently neglecting play time with my kids more than I should be for re-reading the series and watching the movie over and over and over again. And I am so jealous you get to meet Stephenie Meyer!!! Have agreat trip girl!


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