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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Rushing sights & sounds outside my window...

It is already March 12th, 2009.

My mind wrapped around this yesterday. Not only is it 13 years that Marcus & I have been a couple but also almost Spring. The year has already begun to fly by, the weeks are passing like hours and the weekends are full of activities that make my mind go haywire.

I find myself with so much going on lately. It seems at first like little activities or plans but then I realize that we really have full weekends. Last weekend was supposed to be a lazy weekend, but we found ourselves at a charity bowling event for 5 hours for Junior Achievement. Sunday Marcus had to work and I finished loads upon loads of laundry.

The weekend before was the snow & even with the crazy weather we were busy. I am supposed to attend a bridal shower this weekend (in Camden), a movie outing, Marcus needs to work, I need to finish cleaning and also getting ready for a party I am throwing NEXT weekend, and then I also want to scoot to Camden to see one of my brothers who got into an accident late yesterday evening! SHEESH!

I feel like I am 6 years old, we are driving to Nebraska and the windows of the van are filled with these quick glimpses of different landscapes. There is noise at my back of my siblings talking, my parents are driving and music is playing, my mind is imagining all the people outside the window. I am wondering what their lives are like and my own mind creates a fairytale ife of my own. I know that being a little kid I cannot control the direction of the car or the length of the stay so I just settle in and watch the scenery flash by. Yet as my vision blurs with the sounds of my reality and the imaginative world my head has created I still feel like I am moving in slow motion. That if I just roll down the window and reach my hand out I will feel the breeze but also slow it down. That is my life right now. The craziest thing is that no longer am I in the car being driven by someone else, I am the driver; I am the one with my foot on the pedal against the floor. Only this time I KNOW that I cannot slow the actual passing down but I can slow down the car, ease along the curvy roads and TRY to take some of the beauty in...


  1. Oh and don't forget that Twilight comes out on DVD... I was thinking that hopefully this summer (we'd have to book now I know) y'all might want to come up here and get away (to a land locked no beach state... that has fun antique places). I'd love it! Then if you want we can try to fully recreate the NE driving trip.

  2. Ah! Driving to Nebraska! What a great place to end a great roadtrip. Congrats on 13 years!


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