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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Still going and going and going....

Okay, um the energizer bunny is definitely my new idol. I mean even though you do have to like shove batteries up its rear to get it to go - still the fact that the bunny keeps going and going without hesitation and even does that swivel thing without falling over.. you got to admit - impressive. Robert & Ramona made it back to Houston. They spent the weekend in Memphis after leaving Tuscaloosa and having a great dinner with us & Rob's family at Carino's in Hoover.
SO this past weekend we headed over to HOTLANTA! WOOHOO!! (why is it that I have to say WOOHOO! after the word HOTLANTA- I will ponder that one later) So we arrived at the Watson home around 10:30 Eastern. Nina & Keith had JUST put the kids down so we sat in the kitchen ate some great biscuits (Marcus had soup too) and just talked for awhile. The next morning we were all up and ready to start the day! Nina, Jessica, Anna,Christian & I headed to the mall. Marcus & Keith headed to the Georgia Dome & Jon stayed at the house with Peanut.
Nina recently got a seasonal job at Macy's so I took the three kids shopping.
IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!!!! They were a blast! We saw Santa (just saw him no pictures), they each got a prize for being so good, we got cookies, we wandered through clothing stores, jewelry stores, game shops, everything was just fun. I really found myself relaxed. They are just the most precious kids. The girls went all excited on me about clothes & jewelry & stuffed animals. Every store had something that they thought was so cool. The girls were so giddy as they found some High School Musical stuff in the Disney store and also some stuffed animals. Anna got a precious DUMBO stuffed animal. Jessica found a red HSM3 canvas bag that is just too cute. We also stopped by Gamestop to grab a giftcard for Jon. He babysat my child - Peanut. Once we met back up with Nina (about 3 hours of shopping later) we were all starving! So we headed to Zucca (Italian) then back to the house for the SEC Championship.
Yeah - we did not win (Florida 31 - Alabama 20) But it was awesome! Atlanta was a great area for this game - the fans were great, Alabama people milled about everywhere. Keith & Marcus had great seats! The Bama boys played with heart, what else could you ask for? (a win, but hey whose being picky LOL) Anyway we still have some football left on January 2nd - All STATE SUGAR BOWL in New Orleans. Then on SUNDAY we were up, watching some TV, then we had some awesome hamburgers & home fries. Nina also made Marcus & Brownie Spot - oh yeah gotta tell you about Brownie Spot - a birthday cake. The crew began to decorate for Christmas and Marcus and I had to head home around 5 p.m. Okay - Brownie Spot is a stuffed dog. Yeah. While shopping with the kids and allowing them to get a prize Christian fell in love with a dog at Build A Bear. Now I have been in these stores before but never really known the process. The child picks out the stuffing-less toy. He/She names the animal then stands in a LONG line to wait for the stuffing. Once you reach the stuffing they ask you the name of the animal, Christian named his Brownie Spot. Then they tell you to grab a small fabric heart out of a bin, you then rub the heart to get it warm, then they tell you to rub it on a part of your body (for Brownie Spot the dog it was the Leg to Run Real Fast) then you kiss the heart and make a wish for your new best friend. THERE IS NOTHING CUTER than watching these kids do this. Then they clean off the animal, go to a computer & put all the information in.
I LOVED the experience. The whole weekend was such a blast!!


  1. Looks like it was a fun and PACKED weekend! You always manage to fit so much into such a small space. Nina's kids are so cute. Dang!

  2. yep I'm tired reading it! Glad you had a blast and thanks for calling yesterday, it was so great to talk to you!

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